In the current digital currency mining field, the friends engaged in Ethereum mining are also very many. In the eyes of many friends, mining ETH seems to be the higher the better, so that it can dig a lot of ETH in a unit time. Mining force ETH is really the higher the better? How to measure the computing power and cost of the Ethereum mining machine? Ethereum mining machine mining with computing power mining how to choose? This is a lot of friends engaged in Ethereum mining must be clear about a few questions!

Defi, which emerged last year, is a decentralized financial service that offers ungoverned financial services built on a distributed network. Currently, the majority of Defi applications are based on the Ethereum blockchain. As a result, Defi’s rise has also pushed up the price of Ethereum and the benefits of mining, and Ethereum itself is once again being recognized as valuable.

Some friends want to engage in Ethereum mining, but it does not necessarily mean that he has an understanding of the Ethereum mining industry, so he needs to learn a lot of industry knowledge and technology in advance, such as understanding the determinants of mining ETH and so on. When selecting Ethereum mining machines, the first thing to do is to determine the selected brands and choose the devices with good reputation in the market for use. Secondly, it is necessary to comprehensively compare the calculation force performance, energy consumption, stability and other data of the mining machine equipment, and select the mining machine equipment with better comprehensive performance.

Ethereum mining computing power is relatively dispersed, the threshold of participation is low, the cycle of return is short, and the upgrade and replacement cycle of mining machines is long, so now is a good time to participate in Ethereum mining. On the other hand, Ethereum’s graphics card mining machine can be switched at any time to mine small currencies such as ZIP and ETC. Finally, if you can’t, you can also dismantle the graphics card and sell it to the Internet cafe in the second-hand graphics card market. The future cash flow of Ethereum mining machine is obviously much better than that of Bitcoin mining machine. Based on past experience, the residual value of Ethereum mines can be around 40% after two years of mining.

The cloud computing power mining, only need a mobile phone to dig Ethereum, what also do not need to take care of, do not have to worry about, do not buy a mining machine, download a mining software, every day to dig Ethereum, on time to account. For ordinary users, cloud power mining is one of the best choices. Rent the mining machine from the big company’s mine, see the progress of the day on the mobile phone. Cloud computing power mining users do not need to buy mining machines, only need to buy computing power to dig into Ethereum, only need to pay a small cost can get a relatively large return. How to choose as to specific still see oneself suit which kind!