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Java Programming in Emacs

Two, environmental installation

2.1 Dependency Installation

software instructions

2.2 installationLSP

2.3 Installation of Plug-inslsp-mode

M-x package-install [RET] lsp-java [RET]

MVN archetype:generate -dgroupid = com.mycompany.app-dartifactId =my-app - DarchetypeArtifactId = maven archetype - quickstart - 1.4 DinteractiveMode DarchetypeVersion = = false


3.1 features

features instructions
Syntax checking flycheck/lsp-ui
Code completion, automatic filling company-capf.complete-at-point
Javadoc hoversdocumentation lsp-ui
Code actionsCode operation lsp-ui
Code outlineCode outline imenu
Code navigationCode navigation xref
Code lens (references/implementations) xref
HighlightsThe highlighted
Code formattingformatting
Maven pom.xml project supportsupportmavenproject
Limited Gradle supportsupportgradleproject
Visual debuggerVisual debugging dap-mode
Test runnerRun the test dap-mode
Project explorer integration treemacs
Integration with Spring Initializr