High-quality goods! Ali P7 hot style “K8S +Jenkins” technical notes, high quality dry goods must be collected! A few days ago, I got these two K8S +Jenkins’ hot style technical notes from Ali’s friend: K8S(Kubernetes) Learning Guide +Jenkins Continuous Integration from Beginner to Master. These are very high quality dry products, and I immediately collected them! And the protagonist of today’s article is this very dry technical notes: K8S+Jenkins! Note: I have compiled the technical documents of “K8S(Kubernetes) Study Guide” and “Jenkins Continuous Integration from Beginners to Professionals” into complete PDF files. If you need to refer to and learn, add the little assistant ** VX: Jenkins is an open source software project. It is a continuous integration tool developed in Java to monitor repetitive work. It aims to provide an open and easy to use software platform. Enables continuous integration of software projects.

Jenkins Continuous Integration from Beginner to Mastering consists of seven major content knowledge points:

Jenkins+Docker+SpringCloud microservice continuous integration (Part 1) Jenkins+Docker+SpringCloud microservice continuous integration (part 2)

1. Continuous Integration and Jenkins introduction

Software development lifecycle

Software development waterfall model

Agile development of software

What is Continuous Integration

Elements of continuous integration

The benefits of continuous integration

Jenkins is introduced

2, Jenkins installation and continuous integration environment configuration continuous integration process description

Gitlab code hosting server installation source code uploaded to the Gitlab repository

Continuous Integration Environment (1)-Jenkins installation

Continuous Integration Environment (2)-Jenkins plugin management

Continuous Integration Environment (3)-Jenkins User Rights Management

Continuous integration environment (4)-Jenkins credential management

Continuous Integration Environment (5)-Maven installation and configuration

Continuous Integration Environment (6)-Tomcat installation and configuration

3. Jenkins builds the Maven project

Jenkins Project Build Types (1)- An introduction to the project types of Jenkins Build

Jenkins Project Build Type (2)- Free-style Project Build

Jenkins project build type (3)-Maven project build

Jenkins Project Construction Type (4)-Pipeline Project Construction (*)

Jenkins Project Build Details (1)- Common build triggers

Jenkins project build details (2)-Git hook automatically triggers build (*)

Jenkins Project Build Details (3)- Parameterized build of Jenkins

Jenkins project build details (4)- Configure the mailbox server to send build results

Jenkins+SonarQube Code Review (1) — Install SonarQube

Jenkins+ Sonarqube Code Review (2)- Implementation code review

Jenkins+Docker+SpringCloud microservice continuous integration

Jenkins+Docker+SpringCloud continuous integration process description

SpringCloud microservice source overview

Local Deployment (1)-SpringCloud microservice deployment

Local deployment (2)- front end static Web site

Environment Preparation (1)-Docker Quick Start

Environment preparation (2)- Quick start on Dockerfile mirror scripts

Environment preparation (3)-Harbor mirror warehouse installation and use

Microservice continuous integration (1)- project code uploaded to GitLab

Micro Services Continuous Integration (2)- pull project source code from GitLab

Micro Services Continuous Integration (3)- Submit to SonarQube for code review

Micro-Service Continuous Integration (4)- Compile and generate images using Dockerfile

Micro Services Continuous Integration (5)- Upload to Harbor Mirror Repository

Continuous microservice integration (6)- pull images and publish applications

Continuous Integration of Microservices (7)- Deploy a front-end static Web site

Jenkins+ Docker+SpringCloud microservice continuous integration (Part 2)

Jenkins+ Docker+SpringCloud deployment optimization

Jenkins+Docker+SpringCloud cluster deployment process instructions Modify all microservice configurations

Design the build parameters of Jenkins cluster project to complete the micro-service build image and upload it to the private server

Complete the remote publishing of multi-server micro-service Nginx+Zuul cluster to achieve high availability gateway

6. Build Jenkins Continuous Integration Platform Based on Kubernetes/K8S

Jenkins’ master-slave distributed construction

Kubernetes implements the Master-Slave distributed construction scheme

Kubeadm installation Kubernetes

7. Build Jenkins Continuous Integration Platform Based on Kubernetes/K8S (Part 2)

Install and configure NFS

Install Jenkins-Master in Kubernetes

Jenkins integrated with Kubernetes

Build a Jenkins-slave custom image to test whether a Jenkins-slave can be created

Jenkins+Kubernetes+Docker completed microservice continuous integration

Then there’s the K8S(Kubernetes) Study Guide.

Kubernetes(K8S) is a new container technology based distributed architecture leading solution. Kubernetes(K8S) is Google’s open source container cluster management system (Google internal :Borg). On the basis of Docker technology, a series of complete functions such as deployment, resource scheduling, service discovery and dynamic scaling are provided for containerized applications, which improves the convenience of large-scale container cluster management.

“K8S(Kubernetes) study guide” is divided into theoretical + actual combat, theoretical actual combat combined, in-depth understanding of more popular more thorough!

1. Theory

That’s how you understand the cluster controller, and it works!

Cluster network details

Cluster Scaling Principle

Authentication and scheduling

Three key points and an implementation of clustering services

The mirror image pulls this little thing

2. Practice

Read this article, the cluster node is not offline

Node offline sister post

Why can’t we remove the cluster namespace?

AliCloud ACK product security group configuration management

One in two live microservices

Summary of the handling of CA certificate expiration problem at 2:00 a.m

The above is the general content of our two technical notes “K8S(Kubernetes) Study Guide” + “Jenkins Continuous Integration from Beginners to Masters”. Because of the length, I don’t need to introduce it in such detail, most of them are shown in screenshots

If you agree and need the original PDF for reference study, please share it. Please also pay attention to how to get it:

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