What is a IPFS?

IPFS, called Interstellar File System in Chinese, is a decentralized storage technology and the underlying communication protocol of the new generation of Internet. You know HTTP, right? When we surf the Internet, there will be HTTP in front of the web address, in the future will be IPFS in front of the web address.

What is Filecoin?

Filecoin is a distributed storage network built by block chain technology on the basis of IPFS, and it is the network incentive layer of IPFS. If IPFS wants to exert great value, it needs a large number of nodes to provide data storage and retrieval services. Filecoin was launched to motivate miners and keep the network running efficiently.

How does IPFS-Filecoin benefit?

Participating in IPFS miner can gain benefits from three aspects:

(1) Block reward: Filecoin is obtained in continuous explodes after mining machine is hosted and run.

(2) Storage revenue, mining machine can reward Filecoin after single cloud storage.

(3) Retrieve revenue. When mining machine connects single cloud storage customers to search and download the stored data, they can get Filecoin.

All acquired Filecoin can be traded directly on the exchange.

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Mining is a very important part of blockchain projects. Without miners, a decentralized ecology cannot be built, just as no beautiful clothes can be produced without workers or cotton. Miners are great jobs. Miners can make this network develop continuously and improve it continuously. Miners can also allow every ordinary person to participate in the construction of global blockchain projects and get a share of the dividends, which gives ordinary people the opportunity to invest and become rich.

Filecoin miners are completely different from Bitcoin miners. Filecoin relies on high quality storage service to mine, who can store more data for longer, the more the network reward currency, FIL mining machine provides storage power. BTC mining is completely rely on computing power competition, than who computing power is strong, who will dig more. Therefore, the difficulty of FIL mining has also increased, and the requirements for software, operation and maintenance and machine room are very high. The basic configuration of the mining machine is all open and transparent on the market. It is the best high performance server configuration, so it costs much more than the Bitcoin mining machine.

For those of you who don’t understand Filecoin, don’t look at it the way you or your friends did. Filecoin has been hailed as one of the most promising projects to revolutionize centralized storage and the blockchain underpinning HTTP. Before there was no cap, it raised 256 million US dollars from many large investment institutions such as Sequoia Capital, and IPFS ecology and application have covered all fields in the world, and have been in practical use.


Why FIL is good: because FIL is the only payment token in the future distributed storage network, the only token economy, is rigid demand. And Internet storage market business, with 5 g, the development and popularization of intelligent AI, users and the enterprise continuously generate new data, expanding need of storage space, and they want to store data, you must pay FIL exchange services, commercial market will be stable FIL currency market position, just like human stable trading market behavior as the legal tender status.

But the number of legal tender issued in some cases can be infinite, easy to cause inflation and devaluation, and FIL currency constant total 2 billion, as the storage market is more and more big, the future demand for it is becoming more and more big, so many promise, because the storage market, the greater the demand for FIL ratio, the greater the amount of it is constant, not inflation, Instead, the increasing demand for FIL coins increases its value, which is why FIL coins look good now and in the future. In the medium to long term, over 3-5 years, Filecoin has the potential to grow tens or even hundreds of times.

But there are now hundreds of companies in the market, large and small, making Filecoin mining machines. Full of beautiful things in eyes, but the real research and development strength and more than 1 year of mining experience is not more than ten, can be in the test network ranked in the top 10 known as the head of the enterprise. More than 90% of the miners are hanging sheep’s head to sell dog meat, to scratch the Filceoin heat, really efficient mining, intend to do for a long time, on the few, novices are easy to enter the pit, those gimmicks, loud, overly excited to play the blood of the chicken, the spread of overnight wealth, said that a 1 year a coin rose to 10,000 dollars, please stay away.

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