1. Download the image

Docker pull xuxueli/XXL – job – admin: 2.2.0

2. View the mirror

docker images

3. Initialize the database

Mysql script: https://github.com/xuxueli/xxl-job/blob/2.2.0/doc/db/tables\_xxl\_job.sql

4. Configure Host


5. Start the mirror

docker run -e PARAMS=”–spring.datasource.url=jdbc:mysql://jeecg-boot-mysql:3306/xxl_job? Unicode=true&characterEncoding=UTF-8&useSSL=false –spring.datasource.username=root –spring.datasource.password=root –xxl.admin.login=false” ^

 -p 9080:8080 –name xxl-job-admin ^

– d xuxueli/XXL – job – admin: 2.2.0

Change the database link to your own configuration
  • Access Management Background admin / 123456

  • Create executors and timed tasks
New actuator

New Timed Tasks

Test the scheduled task (if each module of the microservice and the scheduled task server has been started)

The results are shown below