This year, the industrial Internet and other new infrastructure once again written into the government work report, the content from “to build the industrial Internet platform”, promoted to more “comprehensive development of the industrial Internet, to promote intelligent manufacturing”, which also means that the country for the construction and development of the industrial Internet has been given a higher mission, from the single enterprise to enable, It needs to be gradually expanded to the intelligent manufacturing industry chain, boost regional economic development, and highlight the new advantages of the digital economy.

In July 2018, the ministry issued by the “industrial Internet platform construction and promotion guide”, put forward to 2020, to foster around 10 cross-industry interdisciplinary industrial Internet platform, and a batch of geared to the needs of a specific industry, certain areas of the enterprise industrial Internet platforms, it also suggests that through the platform assigned to become the first step in the transformation of industrial iot power manufacturing.

Industrial Internet is the key infrastructure to achieve intelligent manufacturing, through equipment management to improve production efficiency, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, big data, the Internet of Things and other new technologies are widely used, is the manufacturing industry from labor-intensive factories to technology-driven intelligent manufacturing of the key power.

1 Tencent cloud layout regional industrial cloud base

Tencent Cloud, as the world’s leading cloud computing service provider, relies on cloud computing, cloud data, cloud operation and other integrated cloud service capabilities, as well as AI, big data, blockchain and other technical advantages, to provide enterprises with a full chain of services covering terminals, platforms and ecological construction.

Tencent cloud industry pay attention to the regional layout, the Internet has in some industrial base, transportation relatively developed areas, to build industry base of cloud, such as yongkang, xi ‘an, zhangjiagang, and so on, and adopt the way of 1 + N, set up and the depth of the local industry combined with the regional industrial Internet platform, and build to the technology, talent, operations, capital four integrated intelligent manufacturing industry chain, Fully support the digitalization, networking and intelligent transformation and upgrading of local manufacturing enterprises. Among them, 1 represents a set of cloud computing infrastructure, and N represents industrial Internet platforms of multiple industries.

At present, in the production and operation process of most local small and medium-sized enterprises, they are faced with “three high” problems: high cost of independent purchase, high cost of implementation, high cost of operation and maintenance. There is information asymmetry about whether to go on cloud and the value of going on cloud. Small and medium-sized enterprises are in urgent need of an application ecosystem that can be used out of the box, so as to implement complex technologies through scenario-based implementation and reduce the cost of enterprise informatization construction. Tencent cloud industrial cloud platform is aimed at the small and medium-sized enterprises more than weaknesses, focus on regional industrial Internet platform, to achieve industrial application deployment, order, use the business closed loop, reduce the communication cost, and deployment and account through automation, reduce operational cost and industrial application of small and medium-sized enterprises to use the threshold, push millions of enterprises on the cloud.

2 Tencent Yunyun native industrial Internet solutions

Industrial Internet is the key infrastructure that links the whole industrial system, the whole industrial chain and the whole value chain, and supports the development of industrial intelligence. It is an excellent choice to choose the emerging cloud native technology represented by container and micro-service architecture as the underlying technical architecture. Containerization and micro-service are the mainstream direction of industrial Internet PaaS platform.

Tencent industrial Internet solutions based on cloud native technology construction of industrial PaaS, in the industrial Internet APP application support can bring the following aspects of value for industrial enterprises:

• Focus on application lifecycle management, involving development, testing, deployment, operation and maintenance, and provide management functions required by the application cloud platform, such as automatic deployment, elastic scaling, resource scheduling, load balancing and service discovery. Accelerate the integration of development, operation and maintenance, and quickly build a container-based standardized, easy to migrate, flexible deployment and monitoring friendly application system.

• Optimization and business innovation to bring new services to market quickly at the lowest cost, micro-service architecture to facilitate the construction of industrial Internet, improve application deployment of infrastructure resource utilization, automation to meet business peak challenges. Distributed, loosely coupled and easily extensible cloud native microservice framework can effectively reduce the initial development cost. Teams can individually iterate on microservices, shorten release cycles, and quickly bring them to market. The automated DevOps way of working allows developers and operations to focus more on business implementation and improving the customer experience.

• Effectively reduce risks in the construction stage. Build micro-services step by step from the edge to the core application, and connect the required APIs one by one to reduce the landing resistance and risks of micro-service architecture; More flexible and fault tolerant, applications can be independently replaced and updated into better microservices after rapid build and multiple iterations, which is trial and error friendly to the enterprise.

3. Regional industrial cloud platform enables the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry

Tencent Cloud’s industrial Internet platform based on cloud native technology has been successfully landed in industrial parks of many provinces and cities in China.

On June 29, this year, in Zhangjiagang City intelligent industry “double hundred” project promotion meeting, Tencent cloud (Zhangjiagang) industrial cloud platform announced the official online operation, the first batch has been with Shagang, Yonggang, Dow, Huachang, Donghua energy and other 52 enterprises signed intelligent manufacturing system integration agreement. The platform carries the functions of building industrial proprietary cloud, building intelligent industrial ecosystem, building artificial intelligence innovation center and building intelligent industrial display platform in Zhangjiagang.

Last year, Tencent cloud also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Xi ‘an, and the two sides jointly built the first Tencent cloud industrial cloud base in Northwest China. Give full play to the data advantages of Tencent cloud industrial cloud base, and finally achieve a comprehensive industrial cloud platform integrating industrial resource collaboration, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent development, real-time logistics, Internet of Things monitoring, intelligent manufacturing, aviation industry big data analysis and artificial intelligence services.

In addition, Tencent cloud to help Yongkang to build the industrial Internet platform, has been successfully deployed online, to help the industrial city Yongkang manufacturing transformation and upgrading. With the support of cloud computing technology and platform and the guarantee of building cloud computing application service system, Yongkang accelerates the promotion of “enterprise on cloud” and the industrial digital transformation is carried out in an all-round way. At present, it has served more than 1,100 enterprise users, accepted more than 3,000 third-party developers, connected more than 680,000 sets of industrial equipment, and supported more than 1,000 applications.

The essence of the industrial Internet is the deep integration of the manufacturing industry and the new generation of network information technology. This round of competition is inseparable from the cooperation of the real industry and the information technology industry. In the future, Tencent will open its technology and ecology to more regions. On the one hand, it will not only open its products and technical capabilities, including cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence, for its manufacturing customers, but also create an exclusive industrial Internet platform for leading enterprises. By creating the “circle of friends” of the industrial Internet, more enterprises can enjoy the digital dividends brought by the industrial Internet, which will also bring new impetus to the economic development of various regions and reshape the regional competition pattern.