FIL coins are still relatively popular in the current market, especially in recent years, BTC and Ethereum and other mining has received varying degrees of pressure. But FIL coins are different, so many miners in order to better dig the work, have begun to dig FIL coins. FIL coins are slightly different from traditional mining methods. They need the cooperation of various working machines and are put into the IDC room. After packaging, there will be output. So some people will ask to dig FIL money is to buy mining machine or buy computing power to dig?

Mining machine is a simple point is a computer host, is actually a professional storage server, it is mainly by the case, motherboard, power supply, fan, processor (CPU), memory (RAM), graphics card (GPU), hard disk and other components. The core of a FIL miner is a hard disk, and mining is the process of turning effective storage into effective computing power. So, the more efficient storage space you have, the higher your computing power. Generally, the size of a hard disk is 8T, and 12 hard disks of a mining machine is 96T. This is also the reason why most miners sell the hard disks of mining machines and sell the multiples of 8 at present.

What is cloud mining? Cloud computing is a remote mining model. Users buy cloud computing contracts through the platform, rent computing contracts to dig mines, and obtain profits on a regular basis. The advantage of cloud mining is that users do not need to have an in-depth understanding of the mining principle and various hardware and software, or buy expensive mining machines, and do not need to maintain them 24 hours a day. They can participate in mining as long as they place an order, similar to purchasing earnings rights products. This mining mode is also increasingly sought after by investors, and has increasingly become the mainstream of mining in the blockchain industry.

Calculating power and mining machine in the income will form the difference of the main factor or lies in the pledge currency. To be clear, no matter what kind of company you want to mine coins, you need to pledge coins and GASS. This is the rule of the project. Buy calculation force does not need to pledge currency, but the price has been counted in it, but the purchase calculation force, because it has been encapsulated, can be mined earlier, the cycle back to the mining machine may be shorter than the ore machine that also needs to be encapsulated with coins. However, considering that the pledge currency is just a mortgage, it can be returned after expiration, so the purchase of mining machines will eventually have more income than the purchase of computing power. In addition, the contract period of the mining machine is generally short. The contract of the mining machine is generally 3 or 5 years. The mining machine has the property right while the mining machine has the property right.

The advantage of cloud computing power is that the lower limit of basic hardware configuration is higher than the upper limit of official mining configuration, and there are professional storage servers, computing servers, acceleration servers, switches, etc. At the same time, the machine room, bandwidth, power and on site operation and maintenance have a large premium ability due to the scale effect. At the same time, the hierarchical governance is more flexible, able to quickly iterate and make timely adjustment and response according to the official adjustment.

Both have their own advantages, mainly depends on the miners themselves how to choose, to see which is suitable for them. However, the main parameters of the mining machine on the market are also relatively disturbed. As a miner, when selecting the mining machine, it is necessary to master the technical level of the mining machine manufacturer, the ability of operation and maintenance management, the Internet reliability and safety factor of the main machine room. If you choose computational mining, you should also ensure that the platform is regular and reliable. Make sure that there is a real mine on the computational platform, so that you can have the opportunity to really get to it, rather than far away from abroad!