A hundred flowers are blossoming in this field. According to statistics, there are more than 600,000 cryptocurrency assets and more than 3,000 digital currency exchanges worldwide. Of those 600,000 cryptocurrencies, more than 90 percent are worthless air coins.

Not many projects are really built on blockchain to serve the real life. Filecoin is one of the few blockchain projects to land on the ground. As a leading project on the distributed storage track, it solves the pain point of the storage industry in the era of big data. Once the storage layer, the computing layer and the interconnection layer are connected, the IPF application layer will appear in our daily life.

Filecoin is an incentive layer built on IPFS. Filecoin is eco-landed in the whole scene, helping to enhance the ecological value of FIL. Filecoin aims to build a distributed storage network based on Web3.0, decentralization, fault tolerance, security and other characteristics, as the infrastructure of human digital life. Filecoin ecological application has been launched, realizing the interconnection between distributed storage technology and the real world, which has brought substantial changes to human social life.

All of this is being implemented quickly

1. The actual storage capacity of the Filecoin network has exceeded 15 piB

Now, the Filecoin network has just passed the milestone of 15 PIB data access networks! Take advantage of FilecoinSlingshot, a community competition for storage customers and developers that rewards people for storing real, valuable, and usable data in the Filecoin network.

Achieve official goals:

1) Save the most important sets of human data on the Filecoin network.

Valuable applications that make the most of the Filecoin network for storing real data.

2) Important data sets can be accessed and retrieved by anyone in the world.

Storing real data in the Filecoin network ensures that users’ applications and other applications can discover, retrieve, and consume the data.

3) Enhance the Filecoin storage user and developer experience.

Ensure that the user’s team can successfully input real data and useful applications into the Filecoin network.

The world will generate a large amount of data, through Filecoin to achieve efficient data storage and retrieval, has become a leader in the blockchain field.

In the IPFS/Filecoin ecosystem, Filecoin stores more and more data on the network. Since then, Filecoin has broken the problem of online storage of garbage data, and officially realized the storage of data.

2. Network performance improves storage efficiency and gives full play to the growth potential of computing power

After the FilecoinnetV13 upgrade, the Filecoin network grew rapidly by significantly reducing Gas costs, thus addressing the possibility that high Gas costs would hinder the growth of Filecoin’s computing power.

In addition, by increasing link capacity and increasing storage efficiency by a factor of 10-25, the Filecoin network will have more resources to support greater computing power growth, efficient data storage and transactions.

From now on, the rules of the network will give priority to storing and retrieving valid data. In the storage market, more and more ecological projects began to rise.

3. An unprecedented emphasis on data security

As a strategic resource, means of production and even productivity in the digital age, the importance of data has risen to an unprecedented height, and data security naturally has received unprecedented attention.

However, with the centralized data storage, the security problem of data always exists, which brings huge losses every year. In 2014, EMC released a global data protection study, which found that over the past 12 months, companies have lost $1.7 trillion to data loss and failure, and now it’s getting worse due to data security issues. That’s an astronomical amount, and even priceless!

In the face of this grim situation, China promulgated the Data Security Law in June, but the law can only reduce security problems to a certain extent, but can not eliminate them completely.

Therefore, Filecoin distributed storage has met the most pressing need. Since IPFS/Filecoin can technically solve data security issues, technology can’t prevent security issues. For the first time in the 5,000 years since we have written, we have made human data permanent, and established the eternal Library of Alexandria.

Promote integrated development

1. Promote “Blockchain + Industrial Internet”. Promote the fusion innovation of block chain and sign analysis, build a block chain infrastructure based on sign analysis, improve the integration application ability of “platform + block chain” technology, and create a new model and new business form of industrial Internet based on block chain technology.

2. Promote “Blockchain + Big Data”. Accelerate the construction of a blockchain-based traceability certification service platform, promote the orderly confirmation, sharing and flow of data compliance, and fully release the value of data resources. Development of blockchain-based data management, analytics applications, etc., to promote big data management and application.

3. Promote “Blockchain + Cloud Computing”. On the basis of cloud computing, an environment for blockchain application development, testing and verification, and operation and maintenance will be built to provide flexible, easy-to-use and extensible support for blockchain applications and lower the threshold for blockchain application development.

4. Promote “Blockchain + Artificial Intelligence”. Develop blockchain-based AI training, algorithm sharing and other technologies and methods to promote the development of distributed AI models. Discusses the application of artificial intelligence technology to improve the efficiency of blockchain operation and the intelligent level of collaboration between nodes.

Why does IPFS have application prospects and related technical advantages?

We are constantly using and growing the scale of the network, the network broadly refers to the data exchange framework, and the data is the engine that fills this framework and drives development. With the diversified network technologies of 5 G, Internet of Things and artificial AI today, people’s life, work and entertainment are more and more integrated into the network. Then, all network individuals will produce data accordingly. Data acquisition not only needs to be transmitted on the network, but also its core carrier is storage.

In storage hardware technology, also in constant upgrading iteration, in hardware equipment capacity and performance has the very big enhancement, can also be used by us better, but with the rapid development of mobile Internet, mobile devices have become the main force of production data, photos, video, entertainment resources is in constant increase. The data increment of each person will be bigger and bigger in the future, and the corresponding demand for data storage will also keep growing. Although cloud storage can meet the demand for personal data storage, the problem of centralized data storage is more worrying due to the frequent occurrence of data privacy issues.

This is how IPFS comes into being. Distributed storage, as the name suggests, decomposes and copies data to multiple nodes for storage. If a node has a problem, the corresponding data backups will be added. There is still a long way to go for IPFS to be truly applied, but it just lacks the interface of application landing. With the further development of Filecoin mining technology, IPFS will definitely go farther and faster on the road of future network application.

Today the world has a vast and growing database of data.

According to the statistics, the global total data production in 2020 is 58 ZB, and it is expected to reach or exceed 175 ZB by 2025. Moreover, only 7% of the world’s data is currently stored, and this proportion will decline as the number of data increases, and will fall to 5% in the next four years.

Since the current cloud storage infrastructure simply can’t keep up with the storage demand, the world needed a disruptive technology, and IPFS/Filecoin was born. The public chain Filecoin is incentivated by FIL tokens, allowing Filecoin, a distributed storage network, to be infinitely scalable and reach every corner of the globe.

The capacity has reached the unprecedented capacity expansion ability, can meet the huge data storage market. With the rapid expansion of the Filecoin network and the increasing size of the market, the value of Filecoin is increasing, and the value is reflected in the limited number of FIL tokens. Obviously, the price of FIL is only going to get higher and higher, said Chen Sheng, a public concern.