Today, no matter the young people born in the 1980s, 1990s or 70s and 60s, they are all enjoying the comfort and convenience brought by the Internet. At home, you can “go shopping” and not be limited by time. Online payment is convenient and secure; There are a variety of recreational activities, such as fishing pesticides, eating chicken, watching TV series and watching live broadcasts. While enjoying the convenience of the Internet, many enterprise platforms providing services are faced with a headache: with the improvement of enterprise value and popularity, it is likely to cause the envy of competitors in the industry, and it is also easier to become the target of professional hackers, and the most common is DDoS attack.

The harm of DDoS

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) refers to the Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS), which mainly means that tens of thousands of botnets send a large number of requests to the target host at the same time, and then paralyze the target, making the website unable to access effectively, and ultimately affecting the operation of the platform. Light lead to website server downtime, interests damaged; On the other hand, the whole product chain of the enterprise is completely blocked, and all the business is paralyzed. The political influence and the pressure of social public opinion caused by the attack bring reputation loss to the enterprise, and the chain reaction is serious.

While the frequency, intensity, and complexity of DDoS attacks have increased over the years, the method of executing large-scale attacks on vulnerable servers has not changed. This mode of attack is popular with hackers because it is a relatively cheap and easy way to attack. An attack occurs when an attacker targets a platform, swamping its bandwidth and causing a Web service connection to significantly slow down or even fail completely. The current DDoS attack is capable of more than 1 TBPS per second, as was the case with the GitHub attack in early 2018.

It can be said that DDoS is currently the most ferocious, the most difficult to defend one of the network attacks. This world class problem has not yet been solved perfectly and completely, but it is necessary to take appropriate measures to reduce the impact and damage of an attack. Taking DDoS defense as an important part of the overall security strategy, it is also indispensable to defend against DDoS attack, data leakage, malicious implant, anti-virus protection and other security measures.

DDoS defense

At present, most websites use CDN products for website acceleration. CDN places numerous edge nodes between users and source sites. Caching technology can not only accelerate the speed of website access, but also hide the IP of source sites to intercept malicious requests and play a protective role. The built-in access control functions of cloud CDN include access restrictions, various hotlinking prevention, security protection and other functions, which can intercept HTTP requests with characteristics (such as IP address, User-agent, etc.). See article: CDN Access Control for details

But HTTP interception requires that the request have a characteristic. For example, if the malicious request is from a certain IP segment, then block the IP segment. Or, if their User Agent field has characteristics (containing a particular word), block requests with that word. However, a true DDoS attack can be featuresome, with requests that look like normal requests and come from different IP addresses, making it impossible to intercept them. This is why DDoS attacks are particularly difficult to defend against.

The ultimate weapon of defense DDOS – SCDN

In view of the above problems, and beat the cloud launched DDOS protection and CDN acceleration combination solution – SCDN security acceleration.

Youpao Cloud Secure Content Delivery Network (SCDN) is a combination solution of DDoS protection and CDN acceleration for customers in various industries. SCDN covers the advantages of the original CDN, shorten the response time of the website, improve the stability of data transmission, and pay more attention to security protection on the basis of CDN, so it can better protect network security.

SCDN products are derived from the new high prevention CDN cluster of Youpaiyun’s own CDN service, and each edge node has a certain protection and cleaning ability. Moreover, customers can use all the basic functions of Youpaiyun CDN to achieve the effect of “edge acceleration and border protection”. When the attack occurs, Youpai Cloud SCDN intelligent scheduling system will automatically perceive and draw the traffic to the special cleaning node with a defense capacity of up to 2T, so that data cleaning, source station protection and safe escort business can be realized without manual operation.

So what are the characteristics of SCDN?

  • Site acceleration effect is good: SCDN covers the advantages of traditional CDN, through DNS intelligent resolution of the optimal node, reduce the access delay.
  • Hidden source station: the external exposure of SCDN is the edge node IP of each region, and the service forwarding is realized through the independent node IP, so the attacker can not get the real user source station, thus ensuring the security of the source station.
  • Good protection ability: while hiding the address of the source station, it adds the DDoS protection function, and automatically switches to the special cleaning node for data cleaning when the attack is detected, and filters the malicious request.
  • Support for CDN general configuration: SCDN uses a highly resistant CDN cluster, which is derived from Youpai Cloud’s own CDN products, so it supports all the relevant configurations of conventional CDN products.

SCDN application scenarios

Cloud SCDN combines the advantages of traditional CDN and DDOS high protection services, fully excavates its value, integrates technology and scene deeply, and tries its best to provide convenient, safe, stable and intelligent services for the majority of users. Can provide solutions for various industries of the Internet, support a variety of application scenarios. Include:

  • The game industry

Online gaming relies on content acceleration to ensure downloads and stable performance; The game industry has also been hit hard by traffic attacks. Also beat cloud SCDN, give consideration to the content loading speed increase, at the same time can avoid the site failure caused by frequent attacks, player experience decline, user loss and enterprise losses.

  • The financial industry

Internet financial websites, which are mostly online business systems and involve online transactions, are frequently attacked by malicious crawlers. The business has a high demand for security and stability, including performance, security, and content security of the site.

  • Enterprise security

Government websites, first of all, require fast and reliable access, in special time periods or major meetings, more need to ensure the availability of the website, to ensure that the website will not be affected by DDoS or CC attack failure access; During major meetings, the traffic will often be larger than usual, the need to ensure that the high concurrency under the site access fast and smooth.

  • E-commerce sites

E-commerce Web sites are also the most vulnerable area to attack. Potential attackers obtain the real IP of the source station by some means to carry out DDoS and CC attacks, resulting in business paralysis and loss of users.

  • The medical field

Due to the intense competition in the industry, various healthcare websites are also one of the areas most vulnerable to DDoS and CC attacks.

The advantage of SCDN

In view of the above application scenarios, Youpai Cloud SCDN provides protection for user business through DDOS cleaning, CC intelligent identification, WAF protection and accurate access control functions. SCDN carries out cleaning based on advanced feature recognition algorithm, which can resist SYN Flood, TCP Flood, ICMP Flood and other large traffic attacks, monitor the attacks in real time, support DDoS attack identification and statistics, and view the current status of the site in real time to ensure the availability of services. Let’s look at the specific advantages of SCDN again.

  1. The CDN node of SCDN is equipped with high anti-detection and cleaning ability. The sudden attack can be detected in real time at the edge node, and the attack can be automatically dispatched to the high-capacity cleaning node without deactivate the CDN or manually switch over.
  2. High cost performance: low defense cost, transparent charge, according to the CDN traffic + high defense base bandwidth + high defense elastic bandwidth mode, enjoy the dual capabilities of CDN + defense.
  3. Dual defense and intelligent scheduling: CDN nodes of SCDN are high defense nodes, double attack detection, automatic scheduling of excessive traffic to Youpao cloud proprietary T-class protection cleaning node, and stable escort business.
  4. Edge acceleration, border protection: due to the scarcity of high defense node resources, operators and large regions are often unable to fully cover, the traditional protection only using high defense node can not take into account the needs of business acceleration. With access to Youpai SCDN cluster, you can enjoy all the basic online functions of Youpai Cloud CDN, as well as two sets of services of CDN and security protection.
  5. Visual interface, self-service operation: the background can purchase and configure the CDN and high protection functions contained in SCDN independently, and the statistical data can be viewed in real time.
  6. Time of defense: 7*24 hours for full day defense.

You beat cloud SCDN product deployment flexible, fast open, self-service, through the management interface for CDN acceleration, configuration add, delete, change, check one-stop solution, reduce your management costs. Multi-scene business support, applicable to games, finance, social, e-commerce, live broadcasting, education and other fields. What are you waiting for? Cloud SCDN is your best choice.

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