Brief introduction:Linux Boot Camp Rocks!! In this training camp, in order to help students better master Ansible, Ali Cloud Developer School and Linux China jointly created a boutique training camp — Linux Operation and Maintenance Automation Training Camp. In addition, front-line engineers were invited to give online lectures to help students master the use and development of Ansible.

Linux Boot Camp Rocks!!

Alibaba Cloud launched the 2021 Alibaba Cloud Linux latest technology map, the map produced by Alibaba Cloud Developer School, combined with the industry authority experts to create the industry authority map. A line of actual combat experience, combined with alibaba engineer invite industry working operations engineer, course contents include the basic knowledge of Linux, common business service maintenance, automated operations, operational monitoring automation, KVM virtualization, such as knowledge, from the new phase to the stage of senior engineer, contains 19 points and 19 courses, Nearly 100 class hours.

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Combined with Atlas, Ali Cloud Developer School and Linux China launched the “Linux Operation and Maintenance Automation Training Camp”.

Different from the personal server, when enterprises use the server, they often face low efficiency, insufficient popularity of operation and maintenance automation, and can not carry out further intelligent development.

For enterprises, there are Spaces and ways to optimize every manual processing method in all these operations and maintenance processes. And a qualified operation and maintenance engineer, must master the operation and maintenance automation means.

Ansible is the necessary tool to solve the mass operation and maintenance, automatic operation and improve the operation and maintenance efficiency. With Ansible, you can easily scale your operations from a single server to hundreds of thousands of servers, allowing you to do in a minute what used to take hours.

Ansible is also widely used in a variety of medium and large enterprises, such as the familiar bytedance, Meituan, Kuaishou, etc. Ansible is used, and the importance of Ansiblee is undoubtedly.

Now the training camp is free for a limited time, come and see it

▶ Training Camp Registration Time: July 6 — July 30, 2021

▶ Training Camp Class Time: July 19 — July 22, 2021

▶ Operating quota: limited to 2000 people

I believe you have some Linux foundation and want to further develop Ansible

Interested in IT automation direction, want to become automation operation & intermediate operation and maintenance engineer

I have learned Ansible, but the knowledge structure is not systematic

Want to impact Dachang, get better development, steering their own life

Course content

1. Learning of live broadcasting courses: basic information of Ansible, configuration of Ansible, use of Ansible AdHoc, use of Ansible Playbook and learning of core modules of Ansible

2. Q&A within the group: Ms. Bestony will also provide community Q&A for you in the group, so as to help you learn Ansible better.


On July 19th, the camp was officially opened to learn the basic knowledge of Ansible

July 20th, Basic learning, learning Ansible’s working mode, Invertory and other information

On July 21, we will learn Ansible’s use of plabook and adHoc in actual combat

July 22, Learn more about the core modules of Ansible

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▶ Activity Benefits:

1. If you insist on completing online tasks 6 times on the main page within the specified time limit, you will get a real-name electronic version of the closing certificate

2. The top 50 students who finally complete all tasks according to the schedule and pass the final exam with full marks will be awarded a Mi electric toothbrush

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