> If you want to install PyCharm Pro under Ubuntu and want to use it all the time, maybe this article will help you

The relevant version appears in the article

  • Ubuntu18.04
  • Pycharm2018.3.6

== Specific operation ==

  1. Download any version of PyCharm-Professional-2018 (Linux Pro), which can be downloaded below. 1: Pycharm2018 download extract password: giil 2: official website download
  2. To facilitate administration, place JetBrainscrack-release-enc.jar (extract password: MSLV) under the PyCharm directory (here we put it under /bin directory), Remember the directory location (the address of JetBrainScrack-release-enc.jar is written to PyCharm.exe.vmOptions and PyCharm.64.exe.vmOptions).
  3. In the \bin directory of the PyCharm directory, find PyCharm.exe.vmOptions and PyCharm.64.exe.vmOptions “And open it as text and append” -JavaAgent :/ your PyCharm path /bin/ JetBrainScrack-release-enc.jar “at the end of both files. Note that the path changes to your PyCharm path and save it

After that we can run PyCharm and go to PyCharm’s bin directory to open the terminal

sudo sh pycharm.sh

After opening PyCharm and setting Ignore, select the second option: Activate Code, paste the following Code into the text box below, and then click Activate. The code is as follows:

ThisCrackLicenseId-{ "licenseId":"11011", "licenseeName":"WeChat", "assigneeName":"IT--Pig", "assigneeEmail":"[email protected]", "licenseRestriction":"", "checkConcurrentUse":false, "products":[ {"code":"II","paidUpTo":"2099-12-31"}, {"code":"DM","paidUpTo":"2099-12-31"}, {"code":"AC","paidUpTo":"2099-12-31"}, {"code":"RS0","paidUpTo":"2099-12-31"}, {"code":"WS","paidUpTo":"2099-12-31"}, {"code":"DPN","paidUpTo":"2099-12-31"}, {"code":"RC","paidUpTo":"2099-12-31"}, {"code":"PS","paidUpTo":"2099-12-31"}, {"code":"DC","paidUpTo":"2099-12-31"}, {"code":"RM","paidUpTo":"2099-12-31"}, {"code":"CL","paidUpTo":"2099-12-31"}, {"code":"PC","paidUpTo":"2099-12-31"} ], "hash":"2911276/0", "gracePeriodDays":7, "autoProlongated":false}

Until then, PyCharm Pro is ready to use, if not unexpected. When you open PyCharm later, you can go directly to the IDE interface.

It can be seen in help-> About, as shown below:

If you feel like you need to type a command at the terminal every time you boot, you can set up a desktop quick boot.