Amazon Web Services (AWS) Hackathon Online 2020, which was specifically supported by SegmentFault, has come to a successful conclusion.

The AWS Hackathon Online 2020 was officially launched on July 27, 2016. The AWS Hackathon was held on July 27, 2016. The AWS Hackathon was held on July 27, 2016. They have submitted many excellent works in combination with Amazon Sagemaker model and AWS SDK, focusing on the five competition questions: intelligent search for lost pets, remote intelligent diagnosis and treatment for the elderly, prediction of environmental pollution, automatic monitoring of restaurant and kitchen and bathroom safety, intelligent tracking and safety guarantee for mountaineers.

After several rounds of screening, 22 groups of players, after nearly two months of competition, finally decided the winner in the final on September 20.

Eight AWS expert judges comprehensively considered the entries from six dimensions of completion, creativity, practicability, user experience, business prospect, and technical difficulty, and finally selected three groups of winners.

With 22 teams competing, who will win the championship?

The participating teams have trained and deployed their own machine learning model in combination with Amazon Sagemaker, and used the AWS SDK to locally invoke the online model to bring unique advantages to their work.

Among the 22 groups of players, 10 groups chose the intelligent search for lost pets, 5 groups chose the remote intelligent diagnosis and treatment of the elderly, 4 groups chose the prediction of environmental pollution, and 2 groups chose the automatic monitoring of the safety of restaurants and kitchen and bathroom. One group chose the intelligent tracking and safety assurance questions for mountaineers.

After each group of contestants showed their works, the expert judges asked questions from the technical principle, project originality and commercial value of the works. After the judges’ professional analysis and discussion, the three winning teams were finally selected.

# 1 [SW] Team: Their “Smart Pet Search for Lost Pet” was the winner, winning $5,000 AWS Cloud Service Coupon and AWS Deepracer Autonomous Electric Vehicle.

Second Place [Excelsior] Team: Their “Intelligent Healthcare for the Elderly” won the second place, winning 3,000 RMB AWS Cloud Service Credit and AWS Deeplens, a camera that supports deep learning.

Third place [Right or Wrong] Team: The team’s work “Dogs Do Not Left Away” won 3,000 yuan AWS cloud service deduction voucher and Raspberry Pi development kit.

In addition, all teams that entered the competition and submitted their work received AWS limited edition customized T-shirts.

Expert comments, for the players to put forward the project landing suggestions

After the competition, Mr. Wang Yubo, the judge representative of AWS Senior Developer Advocate, made a summary from the following four aspects according to the contestants’ performance:

1. The five AWS questions all focus on how AI lands in different scenarios. In the future, it is suggested that players should look at each question from a more macro dimension.

Second, a Hackathon is not only a competition, but also lays the foundation for better AI projects, providing practical experience for contestants. The higher the completion of the project, the more conducive to the exhibition of works.

Three landing project, now we see a lot of AI and cloud drive is inseparable, AWS cloud computing vendors such as launch products in the cloud is for the convenience of developers to build product developed machines in the cloud model, hope everyone in the concrete practice to understand the characteristics of the AWS products, better application future in AI project fall to the ground.

4. AWS Hackathon Online 2020 does not specify which datasets contestants must use in the competition. We hope that you can pay more attention to the characteristics of the datasets and make better performance in AI projects by drawing lessons from one example.

Mr. Fei Lianghong, an AWS expert judge, also commented on the performance of each group of contestants. Mr. Fei believed that the interest and ability of each group in machine learning and artificial intelligence had been well reflected in this competition. Teacher Fei also commented on the first 3 groups of winners one by one. The details are as follows:

The third prize winning work “The Dog Never Leaving the Dog” better reflects his own work with this unique name. In the whole project explanation, whether the front end, back end or the algorithm part are implemented very complete.

Fei was deeply impressed by the “intelligent geriatric medical treatment”, which won the second place. He believed that the team’s use of medical images could help the elderly to achieve better results in medical and health care. “I hope there will be more and more such works, and our life will become better and better,” he said frankly.

Fei spoke highly of the work “Intelligent Search for Lost Pet”, which won the first place. He said that this project completely covered the front-end, back-end and AWS service call, with very high code integrity and high usability, and it could be applied into reality as long as it was simply optimized. Fei added: “Amazon Sagemaker helped the team build a fairly complete model in a short period of time, which was an important reason why the first place team won the competition.”

In the end, Fei said: “In addition to the three winning works, many other teams’ works have left us a deep impression. I hope you can put more and better ideas into your own projects in the future. I also hope that artificial intelligence can make our life better.”

Use strength to deduce science and technology to good

With the rapid development of the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data and other technologies, artificial intelligence is not just a concept, there are more and more projects. Taking AWS Hackathon Online 2020 as an example, scenarios involving all aspects of social life, such as remote medical treatment for the elderly, intelligent tracking of outdoor sports, intelligent searching for lost pets, environmental pollution monitoring and food safety monitoring, have become important battlefields for AI to be implemented.

The original intention of AWS to hold this competition is “technology for good”, and we hope that more and more technology developers will participate in this kind of competition in the future, and make a contribution to creating a better social environment and a more sound social system.

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