Brief introduction:Recently, Aliyun PolarDB-X cloud native distributed database has completed the “Special Evaluation on the Stability of Distributed Transaction Database” issued by China Telecommunications Institute, and passed all the test items with high scores.

With the rapid adoption of agile development and the DevOps pattern in IT, the iterative cycle of data products has been significantly shortened, and the risk of potential defects in the system has increased. Stability testing tests the ability of the product under test to continue to provide stable service under extreme exception scenarios.

China ICT started the independent research and development of the stability test platform based on chaos engineering in 2020, and it was officially completed and put into use in 2021. The platform supports multiple random injection of different types of disturbances into the distributed system according to the configured mode. The types of injection disturbances are common fault types in the production environment, covering many aspects such as computing, storage and network.

After professional evaluation by China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, Aliyun PolarDB-X cloud native distributed database fully meets the stability test requirements of distributed transactional database in terms of distributed transaction performance and strong data consistency of core business under common failure scenarios in production environment, and passes all test projects with high score first.

PolarDB-X is a cloud native distributed database independently developed by Alibaba. It is based on the concept of cloud architecture. It also supports Hybrid Transactional and Analytical Processing (HTAP) convergent distributed database products. It has the ability of high availability of financial-grade data, distributed horizontal expansion, mixed load, low-cost storage and extreme flexibility, etc., and adheres to the construction of distributed capability compatible with MySQL open source ecology. Focus on solving the database bottleneck problems such as massive data storage, ultra-high concurrent throughput, large table bottleneck and complex computing efficiency. PolarDB-X is focused on a simple and easy-to-use customer experience. The transparent distribution capability released today enables customers to use a cloud native distributed database at the same cost as a traditional centralized database. In addition, PolarDB-X, with ultra-high concurrent access, massive data storage, flexible and elastic scalability technical characteristics, experienced 12 years of Singles’ Day extreme load scene burnishing, and is widely used in a number of large government and people’s livelihood business.

Aliyun has independently developed the PolarDB-X cloud native distributed database and entered the Gartner Global Database Leader Quadrant in 2020 as the only technology manufacturer in China. Over the past decade, Ali cloud has made rapid progress in the field of product technology and has been widely recognized by the market. At present, more than 700,000 database instances have been migrated to Ali cloud, including leading enterprises in government affairs, retail, finance, telecommunications, manufacturing, logistics and other fields.

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