Did everyone watch the Apple event early this morning? I believe all of you who answered yes have big black circles under your eyes, and so do I.

Some people ask: Don’t Apple events usually take place in September?

I don’t know much about that either, but maybe it’s because after the event was called the Tech Spring Festival Gala, Cook decided to do something for the spring night.

The event, which lasted less than an hour, featured five new products, including the three-year-old Airtag.

Then I will tell you about the new product.

The iPhone 12 comes in a new purple color scheme

Cook began the event with a confident announcement of a new iPhone, and just when we were all thrilled to think it was the highly anticipated iPhone 13, he gave us a downbeat:

It’s just the new color scheme for the iPhone 12.

After a half-year gap, Apple may have been overwhelmed by the backlash against the blue underpants color of the iPhone 12, opting instead for the iPhone 11’s popular Girlgirl purple.

Newly designed iMac

The new device remains highly controversial, with some describing it as a youthful iMac and others as a larger version of the iPad Pro. But in my opinion, the iMac was the biggest surprise of the event!

This iMac reform is not only “wash the core”, but also “change the face” :

The new iMac is the first to feature the M1 chip, which has been widely praised by Mac users. So far, the CPU performance of the new iMac is 85% faster than the previous 21.5-inch iMac. The GPU performs about twice as fast as the standalone graphics on previous 21.5-inch models.

In addition, the M1 chip, which relies on the SoC architecture, greatly saves internal space, the iMac is 50% larger than the previous generation, the overall body thickness is 11.5 mm, and it does not have the circular back design of the past.

The iMac also features a new 24-inch 4.5K (4480 by 2520) Retina display that supports ultra-low reflective coatings.

For audio and visual effects, the new iMac has an upgraded front-facing camera and microphone array, and supports a 1080p FaceTime camera and a 3-microphone combo.

The magnetic suction power port prevents it from looking too much like the iPad Pro from the side.

More importantly, the color scheme is so rich! Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, silver, tell me loud! What does this color scheme look like!

Yes, that is: gourd baby!

And it’s not just the iMac that comes in color. Its keyboard, mouse, and even the power cord are all in color! So, which of these seven colors do you like least?

I’m not asking you this in jest, but because it’s official: you’re limited to six iMacs per person.

The iPad Pro is loaded with the M1 chip

The iPad Pro begins with a Cosplay session, which makes people wonder if Apple’s security system is very good. The mask pulls up, and guess what?

Cook: What a surprise! The thief of the “core” was myself!

Yes, the M1 chip isn’t just in the Mac line, it’s also in the newly released iPad Pro.

In addition, it offers up to 16GB of RAM and 2TB of SSD storage, supports 5G cellular networks, and supports Thunderbolt 4.

How do you say? This wave is more computer than computer.

Those who bought the new iPad Pro are advised to pass it on as an heirloom.

The iPad Pro’s front-facing camera has been upgraded to 12 megapixel wide Angle, and it supports the ability to center people and automatically adjust the screen, which is the good news for the short video party!

The screen has a contrast ratio of 100000:1, full screen brightness of 1000nit and peak brightness of 1600nit.

This gives the new iPad Pro the same Display as the Pro DisplayXDR, which costs $40,000. That’s a lot of money. It’s like buying a screen for a tablet!

Combined with the M1 chip again, this price is simply rounded to no money!

Airtag is coming out

The AirTag is a “find” device that works with a U1 chip, an iPhone gyroscope, and a distance sensor to find items. Users can also customize the pattern on the AirTag to enable accurate search with the iPhone.

It is very friendly to friends with short brain capacity who can’t find things when they go out. And support personalized configuration, can customize the expression text and so on. Super battery life! One battery lasts a year!

But I have two questions:

Q1: Can we hang it on my kid so she doesn’t have to be picked up to school?

A1: No.

As the press release and product details page states, Airtag is not allowed to track people and will be limited. When it leaves its owner, it will be recognized by someone else’s iPhone and automatically emit a sound.

If you bring this to a child, you have to buy an iPhone for the child to carry, and the signal is not good, then the results may not be so good. And instead of GPS, the AirTag must connect to a nearby iPhone via Bluetooth and upload its location.

Q2: How can I be sure I won’t lose the Airtag?

A2: A lot of people have the same problem as me and suffer from the fact that AirPods are small and easy to lose. So, if we combine AirPods with AirTags, we get:

Mom will never have to worry about me losing them! And fashion sense is straight up!

Watching the whole conference, I deeply understand what is: the heart is willing but the strength is insufficient, looking at the balance of the wallet cried out.

But! I can still own the Airtag, so I’m going to buy it an accessory.

My passion came to a screeching halt when I saw the picture above, and I just shut down my browser. I said to myself forget it, that’s it! I am the apple can not get the woman!

When I saw the picture above, my enthusiasm came to an abrupt end, I shut down my browser and said “no” to myself. That’s it! I am the apple can not get the woman!