Brief introduction:Young Zangjiahe’s “Fantastic Journey” is a life of technology

Being labeled is something that everyone living in this era can’t avoid.

Addicted games, rural children, junior college students… These labels, once also stay in the body of an ordinary teenager. At the time, there was always someone who defined his “future”.

When being labeled with many labels, teenagers feel that they are just ordinary people. However, when he became an AI expert with six-figure savings in his junior year on his own, and was able to give a monthly subsidy of more than 1,000 yuan to a family without income during the epidemic, he still felt that he was just an ordinary person.

Perhaps the only difference between him and his peers is his love of IT technology. It is this love that makes his life open up because of technology.

This boy, from Changzhou Institute of Information Technology, his name is Zangjiahe.

Ordinary Mother and Son Unordinary “Decision”

“Go home, I bought a computer for you, at home can also play games, don’t go to the Internet bar.”

Mother’s words, let the young Zang River some stunned.

Smart and precocious children know in the heart, the mother is afraid of young he in the Internet cafe and no three no four people get mixed up, be tempted to go astray. Buying a computer and allowing a junior high school kid to play video games at home is a choice made by a guilty and anxious mother.

In his mother’s view, his son’s rebellion may be justified.

Since childhood, my father went abroad to work to support the family, while my mother set up a stall in the town to do a small business to support the family. Survival has been difficult, the child’s company and education, inevitably can not do everything.

Early in the morning, when Zangjiahe opened his eyes, the home had no trace of his mother; At night, when Zangjiahe was asleep, his mother was still busy making a living. Under the burden of life, this industrious woman had very little time for her young son. On days when he was not in school, Zang Jiahe was the only one in the empty house during the day. He cooked lunch by himself.

Games become the only fun and company in young Zangjiahe’s life. For this reason, young people have not been little lessons. Can be full of spirited young people, the most not afraid of parents scold.

After much thought, Zangjiahe’s mother gave in.

In the fifth grade of primary school, Zang’s mother bought a computer and put it at home. The mother and son reached a tacit understanding that Zangjiahe would have the right to use the computer after class.

At that time, no one thought that the choice of Zang’s mother’s compromise due to her mother’s love would become the technical starting point for Zang Jiahe, a young IT maniac.

Interest is the best teacher

A computer completely controlled by oneself opened the door of the new world of “IT” for Zangjiahe.

Traveling in the network of Zangjiahe, just in junior high school, IT has a strong interest. As Einstein said, “Interest is the best teacher.” Out of love, Zangjiahe opened the road of self-learning IT technology.

In the age of the Internet, education and age no longer constitute the restriction of learning. There are countless free ways and resources for a person to learn if he wants to.

“I watched about 12 or 13 video tutorials at that time.” In the interview, Zang Jiahe recalled with a smile, “while watching the tutorial, while learning to do some simple software.”

After junior high school, the school opened the computer room course, Zangjiahe had more learning opportunities. He could spend 17 hours a day sitting in front of a computer, learning and developing knowledge to write different types of programs.

To learn technology and forget to eat and sleep, from now on become Zangjiahe daily.

“I probably spend most of my time in front of the computer, except when I sleep. Even if you’re eating, you can watch an instructional video on your computer while you eat, or type code while you eat.” Even after he went to college, Zangjiahe still kept this habit. He devoted most of his time and energy to code.

“In summer, to thirty-six or seven degrees, the computer may be relatively hot, relatively hot, and then there will be a card coding this situation. So I had to contribute my fan to the computer, take the side cover apart, and blow the computer with the fan. As for myself, I was sitting in a room by myself, sweating.”

He also often has some “imaginative” clever tricks.

A router, for example, will not work well if it overheats.

‘You won’t think what I’ve done! Zang jiahe thinks of up to now, oneself all cannot help laughing, “I took the router to the refrigerator to go. Let it sit for five or six minutes, then it cools down, then take it out and plug it in!”

For Zangjiahe, these “bitter” things in the eyes of others were funny things he could say with a smile. Zangjiahe believed that a person’s achievement depends more on his or her own development of interests or abilities.

“Nothing can limit a heart that loves programming.”

The gift of technology is not just a six-figure deposit

Have a skill, zang jiahe began to try a small knife.

In order to exercise their programming ability, but also to reduce the burden of the family. On campus, when many of his classmates were in love and playing games, Zang began a part-time career in software programming.

“In the network is more active, some opportunities on the word of mouth, friends introduce each other.”

Zangjiahe is good at software development, so he took some orders in his spare time. “The part-time pay is closely related to the duration of the order. For example, a few hours is basically between 100 and 500 yuan. If the duration is longer, like two to three weeks, it may be 5,000 or more yuan.”

This lets Zangjiahe earned the first bucket of gold in his life. Only 22 years old and still in his junior year, Zang Jiahe already has a six-figure savings, more than tens of thousands of his peers. For Zangjiahe, technology is his dream, while saving money is his life. In the pursuit of dreams on the road, can rely on their own hobbies and interests, for life to add confidence and color, is to let the young he felt dependable things.

What is more rare is that Zangjiahe takes the responsibility of the family. During the epidemic, both father and mother could not work and the family had no economic source. Seeing the difficulties in the family, Jiahe took more part-time jobs and was able to subsidize his family with thousands of yuan every month, which became the “most proud thing” in Jiahe.

At the same time, he is constantly improving his skills to serve more people.

When Zangjiahe was in school, he found that the official platform of the school had not been launched yet, so he spontaneously led his team to develop a WE campus platform for hundreds of students to customize class schedules, query express delivery services, campus Tours and other services.

It is for this reason that WE platform of Zangjiahe has been approved by Jiangsu Provincial College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program.

Zang jiahe also won the second prize in the national final of the ninth “China software cup”. Zang Jiahe recalled that when he saw the shortlist, all of them were famous universities such as Wuhan University, Harbin Institute of Technology and Nanjing University, which was a great pressure.

“It’s really not an easy award to win.” Zang Jiahe told reporters that at that time, he took two players to participate together. The whole competition lasted more than two months. Zangjiahe and his team exhausted their efforts to do a set of artificial intelligence projects. In the end, the effort paid off. The project won the second prize in the country.

AI fanatics who break prejudices and come out of training camp

The enlightenment of artificial intelligence, at first, was just an accident.

During the epidemic, Zang saw Aliyun’s college plan when he was browsing the CSDN website at home. This is a free online professional course for students who are willing to learn computer skills, as well as a platform for skills training, and AI boot camp.

Zang Jiahe was very excited to see this. He said, “For students who are interested in programming, this program is really good and helpful. Because you can get an ECS server for free, and then they usually wrote the AI project, and some of their own may want to achieve the idea, can be implemented in the cloud.”

Brush from Beijing Jiaotong University learned C++ Primer, data structure, algorithm and Linux with ESC. A porridge student from Hunan High-speed Railway Vocational and Technical College created an online ordering website and set up a grocery store with her roommate. Jack, a student from Shanwei Vocational and Technical College, built a “cherry blossom falling” to please his girlfriend and an automatic reporting function to report his whereabouts…

According to the relevant person in charge of Ali cloud college plan, the current college plan has provided 770 million hours of server ECS computing power for 2258 colleges and universities nationwide and nearly 90,000 teachers and students free of charge, and a total of 2567 students participated in ECS and AI training camp. These students include top students from Tsinghua University and Zhejiang University, as well as students from vocational colleges such as Pingdingshan Industrial Vocational and Technical College and Liuzhou City Vocational College.

“Many vocational school students have developed their digital skills through the higher education program because they are enthusiastic about learning and have limited resources of their own,” the official said. We are willing to continue to support students who love learning and are eager to study hard.”

It is because of the love of technology that aspiring young people like Zangjiahe dive into it. Now Zangjiahe has three software copyright patents and has become the college student of the year.

Now, Zangjiahe has begun to climb deeper into technology — AI artificial intelligence. His project is an AI fruit recognizer that teaches a machine to recognize fruit. His dream, too, got bigger: “I wanted to build an AI framework like Google’s most famous TensorFlow!”

Hundreds of years ago, Shakespeare lamented: “Learning can only be profitable if it suits one’s interests.” The starting point is the interest, the bridge of learning is the network.

And there is no end to this ideal fantasy journey.

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