This year 618, are you balance payment people or overtime people?

Must have secretly chopped off a lot of good stuff again!

The joy of buying and buying is concentrated in the moment of unpacking the express, so the most difficult part of online shopping is waiting for the delivery, logistics and other distribution. In addition to the busy e-commerce platforms during the annual 618 and Double 11 promotion, the busy value of the logistics industry is also full.

During the period of June 18, 2019, the whole industry received 3.19 billion pieces of express goods, an increase of 26.6% over the same period last year. The highest daily handling capacity exceeded 243 million pieces, an increase of 54.8% over the same period last year, 27.9% higher than the daily handling capacity. During the period of 618 in 2020, the national express business volume has reached 4.678 billion pieces, a year-on-year growth of 48.66%. In the face of such a huge volume of business, Daxu Express is still able to deliver fast and stable, in addition to thanks to the front-line Courier brother, a stable logistics system.

Once the logistics system breaks down, the promotion will become a disaster. There will be problems in the collection, delivery, transit, delivery and receipt of goods. Therefore, it is very important to ensure the stability and high availability of the logistics system in the promotion activities. Almost all logistics companies in 618, double 11, double 12 and other big promotion activities will play 100 percent of the spirit to deal with this hard battle, even so still can not be guaranteed to be safe.

In the process of communication with the customer, we learned the sad stories behind some logistics people. For information protection, we hereby refer to the logistics company as B.

Company B’s business product line is complicated, with eight core systems of order, billing, transfer, delivery, signing, receiving, collection and collection, and comprehensive inquiry. The service network covers 34 provincial administrative regions and has nearly 10,000 outlets. The whole logistics system is complicated.

In 2018, the number of system anomalies of the company was numerous, and major system accidents occurred more frequently, as many as 10 times. The total duration of the accident was 1106min, and the longest one affected 440min.

During the big promotion period, there were two major system accidents in 3 days

During the big campaign, everyone was on tenter. Despite being on standby 24 hours a day, there were 2 major system accidents in 3 days. At that time, there was a problem with a timing task, which caused the core system order center to hang up for 3 hours and the transit to hang up for 8 hours! The first day of promotion transfer and distribution center in addition to the formal staff also organized twice the number of temporary workers, but system problems led to the shutdown of all staff, in the race against time to promote parcel delivery in the war at a disadvantage. All kinds of complaints from customers have caused a lot of impact and loss. The above order accident happened only 2 days ago, the transit system had problems again, and Cainiao directly stopped sending orders for 3 hours. As soon as the test leader lay down, he was called back to the company, and a bunch of developers got together to check problems and fix bugs. The boss was also very concerned about this piece, asking about the progress every 5 minutes, and it wasn’t fixed until 4:00 am the next morning. Based on the original order quantity, assuming a single yuan, the direct economic loss is far more than one million yuan.

Record of internal grievances: business fried hair threatened to kill development

In the same year, a version of the order system failed to go online, resulting in false orders created in the test environment and sent to the official database. However, the business was not aware of this and continued to automatically distribute orders. The lower sales department saw the order surge of more than 10,000 orders, very happy, arranged a lot of couriers to pick up the goods there customers. Can be when the Courier arrived at the delivery address after the discovery was an error, there is no goods to receive! The Courier was sent back after the single, to pick up the goods and found no goods, so the cycle of a day to run a dozen times in vain. This kind of situation changes who all angry, then the complaint telephone of the business end was hit explode. Contradiction intensifies, the final business blows hair directly, threaten to kill development.

Rookie index fell 2 points, the impact is immeasurable

Cainiao Index is an index system for comprehensive evaluation of various service-related indicators of logistics providers by Cainiao. The evaluation results will directly affect the service ranking of express delivery companies, the display ranking of express delivery companies at the merchant end, and the service recommendation at the merchant end. Once there is something wrong with the development of a data written script, the follow-up to do some modification, when parameterized when there is a can’t repeat sent to send data repeat, abnormal system is to monitor a rookie, novice index plummeting 2 points, but not qualified line below, or directly report to the boss, but the error caused by the loss is immeasurable.

For logistics companies, these system accidents are fatal, user experience cannot be guaranteed, customer service department will face great pressure, and will directly affect the source of income. In other words, to guarantee system stability 0 performance failure is to avoid risks and prevent losses, then how to guarantee system stability?

Researched B company decided to introduce production link pressure measurement technology, under the blessing of the new technology, major system accident in 2018, 10 times affect the total length of 1106 min to 2019 159 business scenarios 0 performance fault, realize logistics system under the condition of high availability, a year can save 3.61 million machine cost, millions of human input.

The person in charge of the test also told us privately: “There were too many breakdowns in 2018, and I felt like riding on a roller coaster every day during the promotion period. I felt a lot more confident after I connected to ForceCop’s full-link compression test set. The system passed the promotion period in 2019 smoothly, and my boss was very satisfied with the development and testing.

At present, the top 6 enterprises in the logistics industry have all connected to the production environment full link pressure test products of Sequence Science and Technology. According to incomplete statistics, 8 out of every 10 express parcels are delivered to users all over the country under the escort of Sequence products.

In addition, ForceCop has been deployed in more than 50 medium and large enterprises, China Mobile, State Grid, Zhejiang University, Yonghui Supermarket and other leading enterprises in the industry have also been connected to serial products, 2000+ application access, 100+ big promote testing. ForceCop has received consistent positive feedback from customers with its outstanding solid technical strength.

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