ZooTeam Front-end Weekly | Issue 149

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  1. Async /await elegant error handling

Are you comfortable with trying/catching code like this? It might be tempting to just use a try/catch. FetchData (‘ resolve ‘, ‘reject’); reject (‘ reject ‘, ‘resolve’, ‘reject’);

  1. [Issue 2374] The Uni API is a one-code, multi-terminal solution for apis

One code multi terminal scheme

  1. Front end 9 picture format basics you should know

GIF, JPG/JPEG, JPEG 2000, ICO, PNG, Animated PNG, webP, SVG, Base64

  1. React composite events and DOM native events

If too many event handlers are bound to the DOM, the overall page response and memory footprint can suffer. React implements an intermediate layer, SyntheticEvent, to avoid this kind of DOM event abuse and to mask the event system differences between the underlying browsers. React doesn’t bind the click event to the actual DOM of that div. Instead, it does…

  1. Brief talk about WebRTC video calling

To complete audio and video calls, you need to understand four modules: audio and video collection, STUN/TURN server, signaling server, and end-to-end P2P connection. Use WebRTC API to complete audio and video collection, cooperate with signaling server and RTCPeerConne of WebRTC

  1. NPM package — Importance of tag · Language sparrow

This article originated from a major accident in the process of construction and deployment.

  1. Why is CSS so hard to learn?

Why is CSS so hard to learn? You must be doing it the wrong way