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【Vivado use error and advanced 】XDC constraint skills — I/O chapter.. 2

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Knowledge article Zedboard Linux…

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Bare-metal interrupt experiment hardware configuration…

Oled driver


【Vivado use error and advanced 】XDC constraint skills – I/O…

Video tutorial article He Bin online at

High second – vivado introduction and improve…

Resource article Xilinx website address of the user guide…

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Zynq-7000 series zynq-7000 series…

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  1. ZedBoard official website: needless to say, it is the official ZedBoard website

7) ZedBoard various Documentation…

8) Notices and materials related to “Open Source Hardware and Embedded Computing Contest 12”

  1. ZedBoard information search…

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  1. Learn ZedBoard Notes for fun…

ZedBoard (1) — ZedBoard…

ZedBoard evaluation (2) – using PS part to build an embedded system…

  1. USB serial port driver installation

A) [original] Tears streaming down my face, received the board, preliminary trial experience, UART can not drive please see…

B)Zedboard USB serial driver installation…

  1. Mirroring and routine operations in AN SD card…

16)ZedBoard information search…

1. 2012-08-08 ZedBoard Introduction

2, September 16, 2012 successfully run Linaro graphical interface on ZedBoard

3, 2012-08-30 Test: ZED board test, there are pictures and the truth!

ZED is a standard Linux configuration file for compiling the kernel

Linaro is running on the ZedBoard. The system is running but there is an error. The GUI is not displayed

Zedboard experiment routine

7. September 12, 2012 LINUX application of Zedboard

Zedboard’s Linux applications are not just applications

Question and answer, FAE is a design tool for you

10. 2012-08-23 Zynq evaluation board and ZED board power supply scheme

Talk about Zedboard

12, 2012-09-07 ZED board starter file help

ChipScope tells you how hot ZED boards are

ZED Board Consulting

Learning ZedBoard routine two error problems, to solve the problem ~~~

16, 2012-09-10 ZedBoard audio codec usage problem

17, 2012-08-15 an example of ZEDBOARD design

18, 2012-09-07 ZED board OLED Datasheet

1, 2012-09-01 ZED official information package download

20, 2012-06-05 ZED board latest information, need to see here

Has anyone used MAXIM DS28E01 to encrypt Zedboard?

Have you finished zedboard experiment routine

23, 2012-06-07 ZED information – ZYNq-7000, XC7Z010-xC7Z020 data sheet

Ps-rst function on Zed board

Zedboard experiment tutorial problems

26, 2012-09-18 create SD card startup file in the original information, how much do you know.

If you don’t have HDMI, Xilinx will launch a VGA Ubuntu solution

The UART does not respond after the drive is installed

How do A9 and FPGA interact?

30, 2012-09-15 git clone git:// too difficult

2012-09-10 help with Zynq pin problems

32, 2012-09-04: An error was reported when building the hardware environment

33. 2012-08-07: Build xilinx Zynq Linux compilation environment on Ubuntu from scratch

On the 5th September 2012 on ISE14.1, the released serial port cannot be obtained

The SD card is empty, have you encountered similar situation?

Progress of COMPLETION of LCR digital bridge

3, 2012-08-31 ZED is a ZED

Look at the ZED development process

2012-09-01 in tears, the board received, preliminary trial experience, UART can not drive please see

Xilinx Design Tools Lisence problem

Is Linaro installed in ZedBoard? Does someone try GUI??

42, 2012-08-31 ZedBoard open a box

The board is here. Thank you very much

In order to be happy, learn zedboard notes paste

45. August 17, 2012 Maison DIY Contest related question answering class

Dynamic data acquisition and processing of multi-channel ADC based on FPGA

47, 2012-08-08 ZedBoard Introduction

48. August 16, 2012 ZED board, which we all expect, was filmed at NANJING X-Fest

The initiative of ZEDboard to establish a general software and hardware platform

What development have you done with Xilinx Zynq? Welcome to the sun! What do you expect from ZED Board?

51. Aug. 24, 2012: Built The PS hardware platform of ZynQ-7000 –Ethernet from scratch

Xilinx7 series OF EMBEDDED PCIe design based on Xilinx7 series of FPGA sampling and data processing

Zed Board Hardware User Guide

2012-09-19 Zynq Concepts, Tools, and Techniques

A Quick start guide to Zynq Development

Review of ZynQ-7000 Scalable Processing Platform

The ZEDboard UCF file is out

58, 2012-06-10 Zynq7000 All official data

2012-06-24 Zynq7000 Startup Process

September 21, 2012 Cyrins Radio and TELEVISION technology q&A

61, 2012-06-06 ZED information

62. Aug. 14, 2012: Built THE PS hardware platform of ZynQ-7000 –USB port from scratch

Has ZED board arrived? How is your first impression?

64. 2012-08-05 Xilinx Zynq OS selection

Review of ZynQ-7000 Scalable Processing Platform

The ZEDboard UCF file is out

67, 2012-06-10 Zynq7000 All official data

68. 2012-06-24 Zynq7000 Startup Process

ZedBoard basic schematic diagram and Material list

70. 2012-08-09: Build ZYNq-7000 PS hardware platform –DDR3 interface integration and configuration from scratch

Learn to develop ZedBoard step by step

ZedBoard’s first look! Run Linaro

Video phone design based on ZedBoard

Zedboard experimental routine (Zedboard

Xilinx pushes forward university plan and envisages a New All Programmable Design era

Run Linaro GUI on ZedBoard

Learn to develop ZedBoard step by step

Xilinx AXI4 bus data

How to add your own application to LINUX after you can do it

Introduction to FPGA Simulation Design (Zedboard Version)

Arm-xilinx-gcc is not available in EDK after installing ISE 14.1.

ZED FPGA started working

Where can I see the source code for read_sw

The intelligent Network TV demo platform _XBMC based on Android system is running

September 21, 2012 Selings radio and TELEVISION technology q&A

86, the 2012-09-20…

87, 2012-09-25 You know? What devices are supported by ZynQ-7000

How to add your own application to LINUX after you can do it

89. 2012-09-05 ZYNQ-7000 –USB port

The ZedBoard information is presented by The University of Cyrus program

Zed Board Hardware User Guide

ZedBoard’s first look! Run Linaro

What functions do you want to implement by providing Xilinx ZED Board and Maxim analog chips?

1, 2012-06-06 ZED Information

95, 2012-06-10 Zynq7000 All official data

ZED development environment

September 27, 2012 X-FEST 2012 Information Release (total 12 full)

Zynq-7000’s first project: HelloWord……

  1. To be continued
  1. ZedBoard Is an embedded Linux operating system
  1. Successfully run Linaro graphical interface on ZedBoard…


2) ZedBoard Linux applications…

  1. Zynq-7000 hardware platform was built from scratch

A) Installing Xilinx14.1 on Ubuntu and precautions…

B) Build Xilinxzynq Linux compilation environment on Ubuntu…

C) Build ZYNq-7000 PS hardware platform from scratch -DDR3 interface integrated into the configuration…

D) Build zynq-7000’S PS hardware platform — basic PS system from scratch…

E) Build zynQ-7000’S PS hardware platform -SPIFalsh and SD card interface from scratch…

F) Build zynQ-7000’S PS hardware platform — USB port from scratch…

G) Build Ethernet, the PS hardware platform of ZynQ-7000 from scratch…

H) Build zynq-7000 PS hardware platform -I2C_PJTAG_GPIO_TIMER from scratch…

  1. Zynq’s cross-compilation environment chain is built on C programming…

Xilinx FPGA connection 1)Xilinx official website

  1. Xilinx: all kinds of Xilinx development board kit information and related technical information, manual and other information!

3)Xilinx FPGA technology community…

  1. Open source IP core shen Net

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