Yum install-y oozie_xxx_YY-zzz: yum install-y oozie_xxx_Yy-zzz: yum install-y oozie_xxx_Yy-zzz: yum install-y oozie_xxx_Yy-zzz


  1. Try downloading the image directly, wGET can download it

  2. Error downloading packages: oozie_xxx. Noarch :[Errno 256] No more mirrors to try

  3. The direct RPM installation has a cyclic dependency project, not continued

  4. Other combined commands tried :(repo file under etc has been correctly modified)

yum clean all
yum makecache
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  1. Yum Search: all RPM packages are highlighted, only the changed RPM is grayed out.

The solution

Redo yum source

yum install createrepo 
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  • Go to /var/www/html/{target folder} and delete itrepodata, the implementation ofcreaterepo ./, waiting for the completion of production
  • performyum clean all
  • performyum makecache
  • Run yum install to install the changed components, OK.