VPS students have shared the 12th anniversary of Woothosting with everyone before, and have evaluated woothosting’s ultra-cheap VPS for many times before. However, the previous Woothosting ultra low price VPS are OpenVZ architecture, this event happens to have KVM architecture. You can install a lot of things, whether it’s acceleration software, or even Windows, that OpenVZ can’t. In addition, VPS of KVM architecture are generally not oversold, and performance is guaranteed. Now the market can pay $10 last year can buy 512 MEgabytes of MEMORY KVM architecture opportunity is not much, VPS students field test woothosting year pay $10 KVM architecture VPS performance exactly how.

Configuration details: www.vpsxxs.com/woothosting…

Let’s take a look at the hardware configuration:

The hardware configuration

It can be seen that the CPU limit is a bit strict, the default configuration of Swap memory is very suitable, the hard disk speed performance is not bad, but the download speed abroad is poor, but the result seems to be unified to limit, if so, maybe the domestic download speed is more stable, then look at the domestic download speed:

Domestic download speed

Domestic download speed is also normal, the lowest is 10M, the best is 45M, upload speed fluctuation is relatively large, but overall speed is still relatively high. Take a look at the results of ping in China:

Ping value

The domestic ping value is only 178, which is a good one. The ultra-low VPS domestic ping value can be 200, which is a good one.

Telecom routing

Unicom routing

Mobile routing

You can see that it is really the light of QN machine room, telecom and Unicom routing is very fast, mobile routing performance is also very good, since now QN machine room return is CN2 line, we all know that no longer test, directly try YouTube speed:

Woothosting watch youtube

The WDCP panel can be used to set up a site. The WDCP panel can be used to set up a site.

WDCP occupies memory

That’s a bit of a footprint, but there’s still 300M of memory left, which is enough to set up a few sites.

The above is VPS students’ evaluation of woothosting’s $10 ANNUAL KVM architecture VPS. It can be seen that the performance of this ultra-low VPS is mediocre, and it is worth the money if it is stable all the time.