Introduction: The speed of complaint processing has become faster — this is 7 points sweet consumers in this early summer the most intuitive feeling, with the help of nail suitable low code ability to achieve digital management, many of the past 7 points sweet management pain, is now being overcome one by one.

A small milk tea retail store, inside the myriad. Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Suzhou, 7Fen Sweet is the creator of yangzhi Manna in cups and has more than 1,000 retail outlets.

With the acceleration of business development process, 7-minute sweet approval scene is also increasing, the past only rely on paper documents or by various types of electronic form management process exposed by the cumbersome disadvantages are increasingly obvious.

In the rapid development of the 7 minute sweet, there are more and more need to multi – form collaboration business. However, 7 minutes of sweet customers and teams in different application platforms, often to deal with a problem to switch multiple ports, information can not be direct, resulting in high office collaboration costs. At the same time, the company has to complete many large projects every year, the time is tight, the task is heavy, the need for digital upgrade is becoming increasingly urgent.

A digital transformation is on the horizon.

At the heart of digital transformation: data interchange

Sweet thought is to build a low-cost mobile office platform. Nail free software, cost-effective intelligent hardware product combination, as well as software and hardware integration, fast online service solutions took the lead into the 7-point sweet vision. Then, 7 points sweet team noticed the nail under the cloud nail low code application building platform – nail appropriate.

The most important core of enterprise business digitalization is data interchange. The best one-stop solution of “form + process + report” for 7 minutes sweet, so that data and reports really become the core weapons of managers.

In the process from the form to the process and then to the report, nail appropriate to launch the black technology function “Excel one key to application” is in the middle to help 7 minutes sweet to achieve the rapid generation of applications.

“Excel to Application” allows you to quickly generate applications from different forms in the past and publish them on a unified workbench. In this way, 7 Minutes sweet directly changed from the data input method filled in Excel in the past to the submission on mobile phone. At the same time, it can also carry out the permission setting function, ensure data security, add synchronous approval process, etc., so that different employees can have a clear, quick and direct work experience.

Through the best one-stop solution of “form + process + report”, 7 minutes sweet quickly felt the change. Michael, CIO of 7 minutes sweet, said, “what surprises me most is the realization of business online within and outside the organization.”

Shop service, for example, in the past 7 points sweet joining services applet on other platforms, organization structure and business management in nailing, every day to do the business management need to switch platform, using appropriate after, multiple platforms smoothly, front-end commit message platform, using appropriate set among data and business links, within the nailing by APN wear a charge, The approval process embedded in the agency is very smooth and efficient.

Note: 7 minutes sweet shop service workbench

The effects of digital transformation: Cost reduction and efficiency improvement

At present, through the nail appropriate to build the workbench has helped 7 minutes sweet to achieve 5 business scenarios of digitalization.

Digital applications that previously took one month to launch can be built in two weeks. In the past, it took three months to develop the system, but it only took about one month to build the system, which greatly reduced the cost and improved the efficiency.

For example, 7 points sweet based on appropriate to build in the nail organization workbench application, a technical department staff only spent 30 working days, to create 7 points sweet franchisee shop service the whole back-end process, successfully complete the business online.

In addition to the sharp drop in the cost of system development, through the nail appropriate, 7 minutes sweet also intuitively feel the business digital management efficiency. 7 minutes Sweet store management involves all parts of the country, the business scene is very complex, which also reduces 7 minutes sweet management efficiency, at the same time, the system of multiple scenarios also brings management risks.

And now, through the 7-minute sweet workbench built by appropriate build, the data communication between business systems has been realized, which can effectively help 7-minute sweet relieve many helpless problems in the past management.

At present, all account rights can be recovered with one key after the dimission procedures are completed, which guarantees the information security of the company; Multi-system business forms integrated into the workbench, can quickly help employees to achieve business needs, improve work efficiency; On the workbench built by Yipai, external customers and internal employees can complete multi-terminal links, data exchange and non-login access for specific scenarios, which saves time for them and facilitates efficient data precipitation.

Efit has become the super tool most used by 7minute Sweet, and the next step, 7minute sweet is also ready to develop to more than 10 business scenarios digital. “In the long run, fitting will be our core weapon in reconstructing the relationship of production,” says Michael.

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