The first Keynote at WWDC 2018 ended early today (Beijing time), and while Apple didn’t announce any new hardware, there are still some highlights in the updates to iOS, watchOS, tvOS, and macOS. Price Tag takes a look at some of the new features and gives you a first look at what’s coming in 2018.

IOS 12: Features are improved across the board, and you can now see specific App usage on your phone

WWDC kicked off with the first two events of the annual iOS update, and this time around, iOS 12 not only brings improvements to the keyboard, camera, and app launch speed, New features such as Screen Time, which monitors App usage, and group categorization notifications are also noteworthy.

The application performance of the system is improved comprehensively

Craig Federighi, Senior Vice President of Software Engineering at Apple, highlighted the significant performance improvement of iOS 12 at various system application levels in his opening remarks, as follows:

  • App startup speed increased by 40%.

  • System keyboard response speed increased by 50%;

  • Camera startup speed increased by 70%.

In addition, iOS 12 will be twice as fast to use features like Share Sheet and will support all devices that can run iOS 11. Apple also said it will make more improvements to its iOS devices to accommodate heavy and frequent tasks.

ARKit 2 and the new system-level AR application Measure

Apple announced its new AUGMENTED reality development kit ARKit with the release of iOS 11. After a year of improvements, Apple today officially announced the second generation of ARKit, ARKit 2, Along with ARKit will come iOS 12’s built-in AR app, Measure.

In the short demonstration at the conference, it can be seen that Measure has the same object measurement capability as other AR applications in the market, and can also accurately identify object edges or perform real-time complex calculations by using Measure.

Another interesting point is that through the interactive gameplay between Measure app and Lego building toys, users can freely control the actions of virtual images in the scene and experience very realistic virtual effects on the physical Lego building toys.

It can be said that the release of Measure application not only integrates the AR functions of some third-party apps into the system, but also makes it simpler and more powerful in terms of actual application scenarios and functions. The release of ARKit 2 will also allow third-party app developers to find more scenarios and uses for AR features on iOS 12, especially in the education sector.

Animoji Evolved Version of Memoji

The new version of iOS 12 also brings interesting new features to the System messaging and FaceTime calling apps. First, with the introduction of Tongue recognition in iOS 11, you can use iMessage to send Animoji animations of sticking out your tongue and making funny faces to friends.

In addition to Animoji, iOS 12 also introduces a new Memoji emoji and image feature. Unlike Animoji, which can only simulate facial expressions and movements with simple emojis, Memoji lets you customize your own look like you can “pinch your face” in a console game, including hair, face shape, sunglasses, and more.

While the likes of Samsung and Xiaomi have introduced Animoji in the past, iOS 12 brings Memoji to iOS one more step, adding more customization and fun to these animated emojis. Still, since Memoji is only available in apps like iMessage, there are a few limitations to the practicality of Memoji.

The FaceTime video chat app supports group calls

In addition to messaging, FaceTime, a video chat app, also got an update to support group calls. FaceTime groups support up to 32 people online at the same time with the ability to use Prisma-like filters, or add Animoji and Memoji to the video window image, making it a great choice for meetings and meetings with multiple friends.

IOS 12 has the Built-in Workflow App named Shortcuts and Siri open up integration with more third-party apps

Workflow updates and development have been slow since Apple acquired Workflow, one of the most powerful automation tools on iOS, and there have been concerns that Apple will “hide” or abandon Workflow.

Thankfully, there’s an answer to that worry with iOS 12: There’s a built-in Workflow app called Shortcuts. Shortcuts make it very easy to move and organize actions with graphics and gesture drag-and-drop, and let it automate a set of actions for you.

Siri’s ability to integrate with third-party apps has also been further enhanced. You can also quickly call up the Shortcuts App with Siri customized commands to help you get a range of tasks done more efficiently, provided third-party App developers adapt the New Siri feature on iOS 12.

However, iOS 12, the first developer preview released today, only offers Shortcuts options in Siri’s Settings, and there are no separate apps demo Ed at the event yet. Let’s just wait and see when a standalone app for Shortcuts will be available on iOS 12.

Screen Time: Not only can monitor App usage, but also “prevent addiction”

In line with previous leaks, Apple announced an App that monitors how much you use apps on your phone, such as how long you use each type of App, which apps you use the most, how many notifications you receive per day on average, and how long you use your phone each day. This is Screen Time.

In addition to monitoring the practical data of the App, Screen Time also has the function of “anti-addiction”. You can set a specific period of Time for each App, after which the iOS will remind you that the Time is up, so as to prevent you from using the App or phone for too long. The feature will also be integrated with parental controls, making it easier for parents to monitor and manage how much time their children spend on their phones.

It can be said that Screen Time is a very good change and attempt made by Apple in recent years. With this feature, users will be able to better understand how and how they use their phone and make adjustments accordingly. It is not clear whether Screen Time provides a similar interface to HealthKit to export data to other apps. If it can export relevant data, users will have more power to use and manage their data, and get more comprehensive and accurate reports on data analysis.

A redesigned iBooks app, renamed Apple Books

IBooks, the built-in iOS app for reading and managing Books, also got a new design and was renamed Apple Books. The new Apple Books makes it easier to find the latest Books you’ve read and check their progress. By rearranging the other Tab buttons, you’ll also be able to find your favorite books more easily, or find ongoing book promotions.

Oh, and there’s a new Tab for Audiobooks, which is great news for audio readers.

Notification center finally supports categorizing notifications by group

Surprisingly, iOS 12 finally supports sorting and organizing notifications by app. With a group display, notifications for the same app can be folded, and notifications for unwanted apps can be easily removed at once, making it more intuitive and useful to display and use.

Face ID supports Face data input up to two

Although not mentioned at the conference, iOS 12 has increased Face ID support to two faces. You can easily add your family’s face data without having to constantly “swipe” to unlock it.

Other notable updates to iOS 12

  • Voice memos will be available on ipads and Macs with iCloud syncing;

  • Apple News and Stocks apps have been improved to varying degrees;

  • The search function of album has been enhanced, and the “For You” Tab has been added.

  • CarPlay supports integration with third-party Maps, such as Google Maps and Amap.

  • On the iPhone X’s multitasking screen, you can swipe up to close background apps without holding down.

  • Siri’s search suggestions are richer and smarter;

  • Do not disturb mode Settings are more flexible and intelligent;

  • The system keyboard can directly obtain verification codes from SMS messages as input suggestions.

  • More new features and improvements.

WatchOS 5: Automatic movement recognition, Apple Watch can be used as a walkie-talkie

Motor related function

In the watchOS 5 update for the Apple Watch, the most notable feature is that the Apple Watch can automatically detect the type of exercise, which will be very convenient without requiring you to manually select the type of exercise before each exercise starts. WatchOS 5 also adds support for exercise types like yoga and hiking, and lets you send friends a seven-day exercise goal challenge. Competing with your friends to see who can finish an exercise goal first is not only more motivating but also more fun.

System application update

WatchOS 5 also brings the Walkie-Talkie app to the Apple Watch. As long as your Apple Watch is connected to the Internet, you can talk directly with your friends using the Apple Watch as a walkie-talkie. It’s very easy and convenient.

The system podcast app on iOS is now coming to the Apple Watch. You can use the Podcasting app on watchOS to cache and play podcasts that you want to listen to, which is very useful when you use it.


The previously leaked watchOS “Pride” watch face was unsurprisingly unveiled during today’s talk, along with a new rainbow color “Pride” strap. The band costs ¥394, and if you’re interested, you can buy it directly from the Apple Store.

Oh, and when watchOS launched, many people complained that the smart device couldn’t browse the Web. Now watchOS 5 finally supports this feature, but its true usefulness is questionable.

TvOS 12: iTunes purchases can be upgraded to a higher definition and better sound version

Tim Cook told the conference that Apple TV sales have increased by 50% year-over-year so far, which is fantastic. The update to tvOS 12 also brings Dolby surround sound support to Apple TV. As long as you buy movies, TV shows and other content from the iTunes Store, you can get a free upgrade to Dolby Sound and 4K later.

Supported by the Intertional Space Station, tvOS 12 is a beautiful display of live footage from anywhere on Earth as the Apple TV’s screensaver wallpaper.

MacOS Mojave: Dark Mode, a redesigned Mac App Store, and more

The latest version of macOS continues the tradition of naming the Mojave desert in Southern California. While there aren’t a lot of big features added, the improvements and updates to macOS Mojave’s various utility features will make life and work easier for us. Here’s a look.

The dark pattern

That’s right, the long-rumored Dark mode is finally coming to macOS. As you can see in the screenshots of the demo, dark mode works very well in Finder, Xcode and other apps, and I’m sure many people will like this new feature.

It is also worth mentioning that the dark feature only came to The macOS platform this time, but it is not supported by iOS 12. It is a great pity, and I hope Apple can bring the practical function of dark mode to iOS in the future version.

A redesigned Mac App Store

One of the most notable updates to macOS Mojave is the redesigned Mac App Store (MAS). Not only is the new MAS visually cleaner and more intuitive, it also brings the Today Today feature, which was introduced on the App Store in iOS 11, to macOS.

Now, you can also see the Mac App Srore, where Apple editors have selected your App introductions and recommendations, and find your favorite apps in more categories.

MacOS Mojave can help you organize your messy desktop files with one click

You’ve probably encountered this situation: a pile of disorganized documents on your desktop, including PDFS, pictures, Word documents, and other miscellaneous attachments in different formats. These files can’t be deleted and can take a lot of time and effort to organize, but macOS Mojave’s new desktop one-click organizing feature can help you out.

By stacking files in the same format into a stack, macOS Mojave not only helps you quickly sort files with one click, but also makes it easier to organize them later.


In macOS Mojave’s Finder File Manager, you can browse through files using the new Gallery View and quickly View various information about the file through the expansion menu on the right. Compared with the previous need to open a separate information viewing window through the right mouse button or shortcut keys, the emergence of Gallery View can undoubtedly make the operation of browsing files more convenient and efficient.

In the side menu, you’ll also find options below for quick manipulation of files, such as quick rotation, annotation and watermarking while browsing photos.

Quick Look

Quick Look is a file preview tool for macOS. You can quickly preview the contents of a file by selecting it and pressing the space bar. In addition to simply previewing files, macOS Mojave has also added the Quick Look preview function to the Quick Look preview screen. You can find the Quick Action button at the top of the preview window to perform desired actions on files.

Enhanced screenshot function

In macOS Mojave, the thumbnail of the screenshot preview is fixed in the lower right, just like in iOS. Click on the screenshot preview window in the lower right, and you can perform a series of common and useful actions on the screenshot such as annotating, cropping, and adding signatures.

Continuity features between iOS and macOS have been enhanced

MacOS Mojave also adds Continuity support for camera apps on iOS. As you can see in the demo, after taking a photo on the iPhone, you can directly insert the photo into a specific location in Keynote on the Mac, which is very convenient.

One Less Thing

Craig Federighi responded to the persistent rumors that Apple will merge macOS and iOS 2: No. Craig Federighi made it clear that there will not be a merger between macOS and iOS, and that there will still be a lot of unique software and features on the macOS that aren’t available on mobile, depending on the strength of the desktop platform.

The other good news for developers is that although there will be no macOS and iOS merger, Craig Federighi announced at the conference that the UIKit development framework will be coming to macOS. It will be much easier for developers to migrate their apps to macOS. However, UIKit won’t arrive on macOS until 2019, so we’ll have to be patient.

Other notable updates

  • More comprehensive privacy and security Settings that let you control the range of data your app can access;

  • Support dynamic desktop, wallpaper and other changes with the time;

  • Home, voice memo, news and stocks apps will come to macOS;

  • Apps like Office 365 will be available on the Mac App Store;

  • More improvements and updates.

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