Recently, I experienced the cloud development function of a small program and made a small program for the company’s internal library. The program interface is as follows:

1. Homepage — Mainly used to check the books being read by colleagues in the company

2. Book City — All the books shared by colleagues within the company

3. Book details page, the use of douban free API, but there is a pit, Douban unilaterally blocked the HTTP request of the small program, so we use a big god to build their own proxy, we can also build their own reverse proxy

4. Personal center

The personal center has three functions:

  • Share book collection: users can click share book collection, and then scan the barcode of the book in the QR code scanning window displayed, and then share their book collection with colleagues in the company
  • Borrowing books: Colleagues who want to borrow books can enter the book details page from the bookstore and borrow books. They can also click the borrowing button and scan the barcode of the book to complete borrowing.
  • Return the book: Thinking of the real world inside the company, when you return a book, only the distributor has permission to click return and confirm that the borrower has returned the book.

At present, the function has been stable, but there are not many function points. I hope you have any good suggestions and requirements, and can feedback them to me and then add them

I small program development experience is not enough, the code is not too good, we have any good suggestions, hope the code god can be generous to give advice, grateful.