Why learn Java?

Where is the job market for entry-level programmers?

What’s holding you back from getting into programming?

Why learn Java?

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A lot of people learn Java really is not for a dream, not a hobby, just to get a high salary, become the most earn in the students, become the person that others talk about.

Getting an offer, a salary, and a job is the first step for many Java wannabes. Unsurprisingly, Java ranks first among programming languages.

Java is currently the most sought after skill by hiring companies and is considered a highly portable and valuable skill in today’s market. If you don’t have this basic ability, you will be despised as a programmer.

So it’s a smart choice to start your programming life by learning Java!

Where is the job market for entry-level programmers?

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Today, as the job market continues to shrink, recruiting junior developers is becoming more attractive for many startups. The advantage of hiring junior developers is that they are more in line with the start-up cost level.

Junior developers are more eager to learn new ways about projects on the job.

However, these factors also make the entry-level developer recruitment process difficult.

Entry-level programmers have little actual project and software development experience prior to joining the company. Their abilities can not be evaluated according to their previous performance, so employers often face great risks in recruitment. And these risks are hard to expose in a short time.

However, even so, the current job market is not optimistic, advanced development tools and development ideas continue to emerge, to a certain extent, highly automated programming development mode gradually eroded the labor market for junior programmers.

So, are “blue collar programmers” really being replaced by automated development tools? Is it getting harder to be a programmer?

In fact, there is no external propaganda, with the continuous development of the Internet era, with the continuous infiltration of information technology in human life, the demand for software is increasing by a large order of magnitude. Moreover, the status of software talents will continue to be improved. Startups still need junior programmers, and the demand for software talent will continue to grow for some time at large and medium-sized software companies, which are more willing to pay for junior programmers that can be trained.

Categories for junior programmers:

Higher education, strong learning ability, if this kind of person can master basic programming skills, to clever interview skills, the probability of entering a large software company is very high.

Degree is low, but the ability to learn more, such people generally will hit a wall during the interview, because for a business degree in certain level represents the learning ability and knowledge structure of integrity, so, this kind of person can hone in a smaller company for a period of time, to add some project experience, broaden their knowledge in the field of software development quality, for future development.

Still have a kind of person, perhaps record of formal schooling is low, and study ability is weaker also, that whether did not have its foothold place, not also! Software development is a systems engineering, and all levels of people need, at the bottom of the code, test cases of writing, the completion of the test report and so on all aspects of work need to be controlled, record of formal schooling and learning ability is weak for this kind of person, by twice as much or more time, perhaps can find their own goals and direction.

So what do enterprises value most for programmers? Programmers not only require excellent technology, but also have a certain assessment of soft power. These are the soft strengths that you should be prepared for when you are ready to enter the industry. What’s holding you back from getting into programming?

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Nowadays, many people choose to realize their IT dream through training. There is no doubt that training can shorten your learning cycle, improve your learning efficiency and keep you on the right path. phase

Instead of reading books or watching videos on your own, the fun of studying in a group, and the tight study cycle, will benefit you more.

But would you then be able to knock at the door and open the window? Concentrated cramming is barely acceptable to strong learners. But for most people who don’t have a software background, it’s a nightmare. It is impossible to master so much knowledge in such a short time.

In the training market of fish eye mixed beads, are they really considering for students, are they really considering for this industry? We need to put a question mark on it.

The real demand of an enterprise should be a direction to guide learning. In addition to skills, soft power should be cultivated in an important position by a training institution. These soft power may not care about the height of your degree, do not care about the strength of your learning ability, need is your method and persistence, but also to improve the success of the entry of an important magic weapon.

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So what can you do to kick-start your programming journey?

From the first day you learn to program, you need to be aware of the following:

Teamwork: Get yourself into a team quickly. Always remember that you’re not fighting alone.

Thinking awareness: More software thinking allows you to think about things around you;

Solutions to problems: improve their ability to find problems and solve problems independently;

Learning methods: Brave to accept new knowledge, and can complete independent learning through various channels;

Communication skills: The art of asking questions and knowing how to be nice to people;

Basic skills: This is, of course, the most basic, with a strong emphasis on the ability to debug applications during development.