As you may notice, I’ve been doing a bit more three.js recently. Am I doing visualizations or games?

No, my next job will be in toolchain or general front-end development.

So if it’s not work-related, why learn it? The cost of learning 3D is not cheap. There is a lot to learn about WebGL concepts, mathematics, and the shader language. \

I learn Three.js not for work, but just to draw some scenes in my memories and solve some of my heart knots. I also hope to give it to him as a gift on his birthday.

In the article “The Story of Fat Intestines,” Dongdong tells Guang Guang that someone will find your good point. Yeah, he was the first one to give me approval.

There are many memories between us. Although he is gone now, those memories are still deeply engraved in my heart. They come back to me from time to time, or suddenly appear in my dreams.

Those were the happiest years of my life.

It’s his birthday in the middle of April, and I want to make a present for him. Moreover, I also want to record these memories in words and draw the scenes in my memory with three.js, so that they can be perpetuated in another way. This is also my salvation.

Write some technology irrelevant content, is bound to cause some people uncomfortable, that is why I want to declare in advance: my public account in addition to technology, will also write some personal stories, these technical articles or stories are part of me, you can choose to read.

In short, I learn Three.js not for work, not for visualization or games, but to draw some happy memories and to complete a special birthday present.