Three new coronet cases were found in Shanghai on November 20, 2020. Two days later, the “Yangtze River Delta Joint Teacher Recruitment Fair”, which has been held for nearly 20 years, was scheduled to open.

To do or not to do? The decision worried organizers because of the risk of spreading the disease since the new cases were confirmed, and because overall preparations were in place. Nearly 20,000 people had already signed up online. If cancelled temporarily, the consequences are obviously serious.

At this time, the organizer and UCloud have conducted two weeks of preparatory work together. After repeated tests, the organizer believes that the functions of UCloud intelligent epidemic prevention tablet, such as face recognition, temperature measurement and disinfection, health code review and background management, can fully provide a reliable guarantee for this conference.

‘Let’s do it! After much consideration, the organizers finally made the decision to continue the event.

From “civil defense” to “technical defense” products + operation to play a beautiful combination of boxing

During the two weeks of pre-conference communication, the UCloud team fully understood the requirements of the conference and tailored a complete solution of product and operation for the organizer. These requirements mainly revolved around the following aspects:

L Database entry review

Participants can apply for the QR code through the organizer’s registration mini-program. The input information includes name, education, photos, work history and other items. Nearly 20,000 registration information has been accumulated in the background before the meeting. For this reason, data removal, quality audit, face photo entry, historical data screening and other tasks need to be solved urgently.

L Guarantee the success rate of face scanning

Face recognition is a biometric identification technology based on facial features, whose accuracy is affected by objective factors such as weather, illumination and mask shielding. In the case of large crowds of people on site and the need to wear masks, it is necessary to carry out field investigation and deploy technical plan before the meeting to ensure the admission of 10,000 level of people.

L Health code system access

As the top priority of the conference, epidemic prevention and control has been elevated to the top of the list. As an “ID+ health indicator”, the health code is undoubtedly the fastest and most reliable means of prevention and control. The smart tablet supports real-time verification of the health code and can connect with the online business system to escort the epidemic prevention at the conference site.

Full communication in the early stage, making the technical plan fully prepared; After the field investigation, the construction of the canopy and the deployment of the standby aircraft can make the scene to deal with the foolproof; The unique technical advantages of UCloud intelligent epidemic prevention tablet also enable us to complete the joint deployment of multiple systems in a short time, which reduces the risk of personnel and improves the efficiency of on-site audit.

AI technology behind the “support” multi-channel data storage to solve the worries

The day before the conference, the UCloud team conducted on-site investigation. According to the light, temperature and other conditions, and considering the temporary entry and registration, the green channel and temporary audit channel were opened to provide offline refined operation plan.

L Data storage, normal audit

Because the registration information has been entered in advance two weeks in advance, nearly 20,000 de-duplication data such as the identity ID and face of the participants have been automatically connected to the tablet system to ensure that the pre-registrants have no sense of passing when entering.

In actual operation, for the participants who have entered the warehouse, on-site volunteers will guide them to the green channel to quickly recognize faces and measure body temperature, check the information, all indicators are normal, and release in time. The whole process only takes 3 seconds.

L Temporary registration, simultaneous review

Due to the wide range of radiation and communication platform, there are many temporary participants on site. For these people, you can scan the code at the entrance to apply for the meeting, and the information can be synchronized to the tablet system in real time.

Through the big data analysis after the meeting, the background of the UCloud intelligent epidemic prevention tablet docking recruitment system processed personnel information for the conference. Four tablets were deployed at the site, and the face recognition accuracy was 94.5%. Each tablet took about 3 seconds to pass, with a pass rate of more than 60 people per minute. From 9 o ‘clock to 4 o ‘clock in the afternoon, more than 10,000 people passed through the job fair, in good order, without causing congestion. Compared with the previous manual inspection, not only in the pass rate, inspection accuracy has been greatly improved, more importantly, all the records passed are real-time back to the background. It can be derived to the business system for secondary analysis, and provides a trackable track for the tracking of flow control data.

This successful case not only reflects the product value of the intelligent epidemic prevention tablet under the normal epidemic situation, but also reflects the operating value behind the close cooperation between UCloud and customers. It is the responsibility of UCloud to ensure social security with technical means, continuously improve product capabilities, and closely cooperate with users, as well as the needs of users.

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