Whether we want to learn a new thing or a new technology, we must know what we are learning and have a clear goal so that we can learn it better. So what is Java? What are the aspects of a Java application? What can Java do? Next, and Yi Niuyun Langwo to learn a little knowledge of Java.

1. What is Java?

When we think of Java, the first thing that comes to mind is an image of a steaming cup of coffee. The name is indeed named after a type of coffee called Java. In 1995, Sun (now owned by Oracle) introduced an object-oriented programming language. Java language is simple, object-oriented, distributed, safe, portable, multi-threaded, dynamic and so on. It is now a very popular language, an evergreen of programming languages.

2. What is the technical architecture of Java?

There are three technical architectures for the Java programming language, namely JavaEE, JavaASE, and JavaAME.

JavaEE is Java enterprise development, mainly used for enterprise environment development applications, mainly used for Web program development, will use servlets, JSP, etc.

JavaASE is the standard version development, can complete the desktop application development and business application development, is the foundation of JavaEE and JavaAME architecture technology;

JavaMe is a small version of Java, mainly developed for consumer electronics and embedded devices, such as mobile APP application programming.

3. What can Java do?

Website development. The Java programming language also has many frameworks, such as SpringBoot, SpringMVC, and so on. For JavaWeb development, like online shop Taobao, Pinduoduo will use Java to write the website.

Android development. Android system is based on Linux free open source, is written by Java itself. Android is not limited to phones, tablets, and other devices, and has inherited the cross-platform nature of Java.

Game development. There are actually a few games played in Java these days, mostly web versions, and most of the games are written in C. But popular games like Minecraft were written in Java.

Server program development. Because of Java’s security, many servers in government, health care, insurance, education, defense, and other departments use the Java language.

Big data development. For big data, Python is simpler and more efficient than Java, and favors robot learning, or artificial intelligence. But the main application language for big data platform development is Java, and the underlying Hadoop ecosystem framework is written in Java, so learning Java and converting it to Python is very quick.

The above is what I can do to Java to share, “no pains, no gains” learning Java this technology needs to pay many sleepless nights, high salary is a certain difficulty, otherwise everyone can learn. Come on! Java Struggle.