There is only one month left until the Amazon Cloud Technology China Summit 2021! This year, the key words are “innovation” and “reinvention.” After all, conformity has never been the style of Amazon’s cloud technology. At the Amazon Cloud Technology China Summit in 2021, we decided to take the title of “Building a New Pattern and Reshaping the Cloud Era”, and share with you the “Building Stories and Reshaping Experience of the Cloud Era” with many leading technology practitioners in the industry.

Nonsense is not much to say, go up directly bright spot! Heavy industry experts and industry celebrities will share unique industry insights on the scene, immediately understand Amazon’s leading global vision, focus on China, and talk about innovation. You can also get in-depth analysis of global technology and view the new Amazon AI technology achievements. On the pattern, let’s go far together.

Amazon Cloud technology “City without Boundaries” makes its debut. The technology you can experience in your life is “real technology”! Others are still imagining the future life, but in Amazon cloud technology here you directly to experience! To experience the true city of technology, feel the future has arrived.

Do you remember the four-wheel drive brothers? We have created the “Amazon Deepracer Automated Driving Circuit” in the exhibition area. Let’s have a crazy and exciting automatic racing competition! Join us with AI to pay tribute to that once four-wheel drive boy!

We will set up a dedicated developer area, and cooperate with Apache and other open source communities, as well as a number of open source experts, to bring imaginative content to developers to share! The hackathon competition invites you to unleash the creative instincts of the builders! Get ready to unleash your creative instincts and brainpower with like-minded friends.

Nearly 100 experts gathered together in order to give you a few master lessons in technology and industry. Nearly 100 partners, customers and Amazon cloud technology experts from various fields in the industry, together composed of a strong guest lineup, bring you the industry best practice sharing and leading technology achievements release interpretation!

Join the circle of friends in science and technology, together to increase the style of science and technology! Thousands of partners gathered to talk to you about leveraging Amazon’s global ecosystem of cloud technology to find new business potential. The site will also bring Amazon’s cloud technology partnership strategy, new support programs and Amazon cloud technology launches. Together in the cloud era to achieve win-win cooperation! We Want You!

Highlight seven: into the technology of the biggest expert evolution bar! Builders! Come here to have face-to-face communication with famous teachers, and experience the original ecological systematic training opportunities created by the world’s top scientific and technological talents for free. High-quality content helps students to achieve excellent results in seconds! Let’s study extreme evolution!

By the way, the Amazon China Summit will be held in Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen. The agenda is as follows: Shanghai World Expo Center, July 21-22; Beijing National Convention Center, August 19-20; Sheraton Shenzhen, Greater China Hotel, September 15

And of course the most important thing — such a big campaign, right nowFree! Cost! The male! Open!

You are only one key away from the distance of face to face with world-class Internet giants and mastering the focus of the industry

This summer, let’s meet together at Amazon Cloud Technology China Summit!