For the design of an app, different people will have different opinions. For example, we can compare it from the following dimensions:

  • Interface: The UI is beautifully designed, and every detail of the interface is carefully crafted to show the uniqueness of the App. Even if some “useless beauty” is downloaded, it will not be able to delete it.
  • Content/features: Exquisite content or unique features will automatically enhance the temperament of an App. Even good image editing apps, such as the popular VSCO Cam, can be used to create products with a sense of design, which is also a potential “sense of design” to create value for users.
  • Experience: Users’ comprehensive experience of five senses when using the App, which overlaps with the above two aspects but has a wider scope. The subtlety of quality experience ranges from the pleasure brought to you by a line of copy to the improvement and enhancement of your life status by using App.

Here are a few foreign apps with a sense of design that you can enjoy

1. Oggl

Made by hipstamatic, a veteran filter app maker (all of their products are designed to be the “Blizzard of apps”).

2. Listen

Listen is produced by MacPaw, the creator of CleanMyMac, and the interaction is amazing.


A news app.

4. Ping is low

Secret is a minimalist Feeds app, along with a bunch of IM’s like Waves, which are minimalist. Especially like Ping ● inside that switch interface “●”, switching animation is really pleasant.

5. Flickr

I feel that most of Yahoo’s products are made very carefully. (Compared with domestic companies, netease is very similar to its genes, with high-quality applications such as cloud music and Lofter.)

6. Facebook Paper

Look at what it has achieved in the Apple Store:

— Apple Best Apps of 2014

— Apple App Store Editors’ Choice

— Fast Company Best Mobile Apps of 2014

The team’s open source animation library POP on Github is also very popular…

Needless to say, you’ll have to download it for a futuristic reading experience with new technology.

7. Yahoo News Digest

Another award-winning app:

— App Store Best of 2014

— Apple Design Award 2014 Winner

Eighteen stories are selected each day, and the home page is tagged with information about the articles, including Wikipedia notes, videos, images, stocks, comments captured on social media, and the knowledge behind the articles. According to the official algorithm, Digest provides users with a condensed version of news content rather than a simple collection of news items.

I keep it in my phone and don’t want to delete it. Occasionally I take it out and read it to enjoy the beauty of technology and learn English at the same time.

8. Wire

This is definitely a generational mobile app worth trying out. It fits the trend in many ways, especially the concept of “a direct way to interact with content” that feels like an Epiphany. The app is an IM that supports group chatting, voice calling, and other functions.

9. Clip

Video social applications, the most design sense of one!

10. Flipboard

Personally, compared with domestic Zarker and netease cloud reading, it has more magazine design sense.

11. Storehouse

When I first came out, I downloaded the Ipad version and pulled down loading “Paint paint paint” ~~

12. Reuters TV


Video news app.

13. handpick


A food app, love food should not miss.

14. Couple


A couple app, which stands out among couples apps by its interface interaction design, boasts that its real-time Activity Map on the landing page puts other couples apps to shame.

15. Inbox by Gmail


After Google acquired the famous mail application team, the output is another mail application that can be called “cross-era”. The word “amazing” is used to describe the interface dynamic effect. The invitation code on Taobao was once stir-heated to 100RMB.

16. Pinterest




Claim: the “ugliest” app in history, you can download the feeling.

18. Skype


Skype’s animations are very dynamic (especially the loading animations that you can’t get enough of).

19. Facebook Slingshot


Facebook has copied Snapchat’s photo IM app, and the sound effects are impressive.

There are also classic design-oriented apps like Path and design-oriented apps like Great Coffee App and Sooshi that introduce the nature of the product, which are not included here.

What these apps have in common:

  • Single function, less is more, content is king
  • Most are produced by large companies or teams with large company background (Yahoo, Facebook, Microsoft, Google)
  • A strong sense of interaction, gesture instead of click
  • Several products have removed redundant interface elements, including the system status bar at the top
  • Dynamic effect appropriate, curve happy heart
  • The sound effect of the operation is short and exciting, short in order to consider the user is not suitable for audio scenes without too much interruption (unlike the PC version of QQ harsh reminders).
  • Reading apps dominate

This article is from Zhihu. I am Tina from UE net.