Task: Enter the domain resolution control panel and resolve the domain name

Domain name resolution is generally set after the site (space) binding domain name

The pagoda site, for example, has two domain names: xxx.com and www.xxx.com

So when you parse it, you have to parse these two domains

Login to the official website account, click on Domain Name Management (the first one)

Find the domain name you want to resolve, and click Resolve Management

Click again – Logging in

Then go to Domain Name Resolution Management

It appears as shown below

The host name

Host names are prefixes to domain names, such as:

The domain name xxx.com is prefixed with @, so the host name is @

The domain name www.xxx.com is prefixed with WWW, so the host name is WWW

The domain name abc.xxx.com prefix is ABC, so the host name is ABC

Record type

The commonly used record types are 2, A and CNAME records, depending on the type of the parsed value

If the domain name is being resolved to A server IP of, select A as the record type

If the domain name is being resolved to a server IP such as test.gotoip4.com, choose CNAME as your record type

Resolved values (IP or alias)

The parse value is the IP of the server, and when the server is ready, the server will send you the IP of the server

The default route, MX priority and TTL will do

Once it’s done, click Add, and the parse is successfully added

If it is Hong Kong, the United States and other free for the record of the server, and the domain name has been real-name authentication, the site is also bound to the domain name, after a few minutes (domain name resolution takes effect for a period of time), you can visit the website.

Riverside bird hostThis is how the domain name of the website is resolved.

Case study:

1. The three domains xxx.com, www.xxx.com and abc.xxx.com should be resolved to the server IP:

2. The three domains xxx.com, www.xxx.com and abc.xxx.com are resolved to the server ip:test.gotoip4.com

Note: the site or space binding which several domain names, it is necessary to resolve the several domain names such as: If the ‘ ‘is resolved but there is no binding, the’ ‘will not be able to access the’ ‘site.