1. Introduction

There are a lot of people engaged in the web front end, everyone’s learning style, learning habits are basically not exactly the same! About the Web front-end (or direct Internet), we all know, is to do old, learn an industry. When I wrote earlier, I talked about many ways and suggestions for learning. Today for a change, I would like to talk about the learning methods that I personally do not recommend, or I personally think are hindering progress. I hope you can learn from it! If you have any additions and comments, please feel free to point them out. Let’s exchange ideas and help each other!

2. Specifics

1. Just watch the tutorial, not the actual fight

This can be said to be the biggest study of a taboo, but also reminded of the most a note is a matter! There are many tutorials on the Internet, each language, each knowledge point, all aspects of have, javascript, HTML5, CSS3 and so on some, a random search on a large, after all, one of the biggest advantages of the Internet is resource sharing! But a lot of people just read the tutorial and don’t actually do it. Even if the blog tutorials, video tutorials again good, they do not practice, write code, such a way of learning, memory is not deep, easy to forget, in the end, may not have learned anything! And some tutorials, if not followed by hands-on practice, may be shrouded in circles. Personal advice: Choose tutorials that are right for you, but also get your hands started and write code. Even if you’re not writing code while watching a tutorial! After watching the tutorial, be sure to do it yourself! In the process, may encounter some problems, but this will learn more, memory is more firm!

2. Only study frameworks or libraries

This situation is not as severe as it used to be when I was in college and during my internship when jquery was the dominant player. Many people will chat and say: why learn JS when you have jquery? Why study JS when you have Vue? Faced with such questions, I did not answer at that time, thinking in my mind: jquery or Vue is implemented with JS, I do not know JS, it is difficult to learn jquery or Vue at first, and it is certainly not very deep to learn jquery or Vue at second. Also, in case your project is not allowed to use jquery or Vue, you probably won’t be able to write code. At this point, if you learn another framework or library, you are basically learning a new language. Personal advice: first the basic (HTML + CSS + JS) play hard, then learn other frameworks or libraries. Although in the case of js, I dare not say that learning JS framework or library is to look up documents, look up API. But at least learning THE JS framework or library can not be so laborious!

3. You write code

This is a habit I used to write code, don’t know: coupling, instantiation, inheritance and other technical terms, and communicate with others, infinite circle! I don’t know what they’re talking about! The technology of the Internet is updated very quickly, and every now and then a framework, a library, a tool is released. Not every new technology needs to be learned, though. But if you just write code, you don’t understand the new technology. It’s easy to get stuck and lose competitiveness. Personal advice: In addition to writing code, make sure you know the code and have an understanding of the code. And keep an eye out for updates! If you think the newer technology is very practical, or they are interested, you can learn more! After all, the Internet is a field where people are old enough to learn. Technology updates quickly. If you can’t keep up with the trend of popularity, you may be eliminated!

4. Get involved in complex projects too early

This situation, more common, whether in schools or training institutions now. A lot of people who are in the front end of their study, without a solid foundation, are threatening to do a big project. I heard some people want to do Zhihu, others want to do Jiayuan and other great goals! But all people are even the website’s business process and logic are not clear, and finally more mess, give up! Before the great goal has become a rotten end building, the role is at most a code practice role! Spent a lot of time, did a not very big practical significance of the thing! Personal advice: From simple to complex, complex websites have many simple modules. Might as well start from a simple function, finished a function to add functions inside! Now in the company is such, the development of the background management system, the development of a few months, from a log in the registration of only employees of the function, and then add the function one by one, to now the project gradually improved!

5. Aim high

This situation is more often seen in training institutions out of the people. I don’t know if this is true in all cities, but here in Guangzhou, it feels like this to me. The goal is unrealistic, not enough understanding of their own! Before in the group chat, in the golden Three Silver four period, a lot of people looking for jobs, chat also met a lot of training institutions. Resume is all kinds of mastery, just graduated in training institutions for a few months, or two or three years of work experience, or that they trained for a few months, the technical level of the market for two or three years. In a word is to blow their omnipotent! But a set of questions, ten ask nine do not know. What is a closure? What’s the prototype? I don’t know. Ask what inheritance is, still don’t know. So here’s a question that really impressed me. That’s what I use this problem for! See who is proficient in all kinds of blowing. I immediately out of this question, the results of no one can answer correctly, the question in the following!

var a=3;
function a(){
a();Copy the code

What has been said above is only a superficial phenomenon. More importantly, it is possible that it is difficult to find a job because we aim too high! Because some companies think they can only pay you 4000, but you think you have the strength to get more than 9000. In this case, it is difficult to find a job! It doesn’t make a good impression! What’s more, it may affect your career choices! Personal advice: Evaluate yourself realistically. Think about what they will, what can bring to the enterprise! Stop and compare skills and salaries, or go online and look for interview questions to see if you can complete them! Finally, evaluate yourself and what position you think you are in!

6. Avoid problems when you see them

This point, I believe many people have a feeling, in the development, encountered a few or feel that they can not achieve the requirements or functions. Do everything possible to think of escape, such as: this function is not very important, do not do it? I’ve never done this before. I can’t do it. Let’s outsource this feature, we can’t do it! A lot of escape words. You can think, if every time is to escape, so for a long time, their technical level is still staying at the basic stage? How to improve their technical level in the future. Personal advice: grasp the nettle. In the development of the Web front end, if you encounter problems is normal, if you do not encounter problems is to see the ghost! In the face of problems, we should be challenging problems, not escape! Everyone wants to improve their technical level, challenges are not a good opportunity to improve the level of practical skills? If you complete a problem that was previously thought impossible, it is a testament to the advancement of technology! Isn’t it? I also think that writing simple business code every day, without exploring new knowledge, without challenging problems, is not much fun!

7. Use it, don’t want to optimize

This is also a very common situation, a lot of people think that writing code can be used, can implement requirements on the line! Don’t care about future optimizations. In the development project or the development of plug-ins, although I also advocate: implement first, then optimize this way! But that doesn’t mean I’m done with development and won’t want to optimize again! If you don’t try to optimize your code and find better ways to write code, you won’t be able to write high-quality, concise code, because you’re blocking an important way to learn to write high-quality, concise code. Another thing is that some problems in the project may be potential. That is, if there are no problems in the project now, it does not mean that there will be no problems in the future. Instead, after the project was completed, I tried to optimize my own code, explore better implementation methods, and try to write high-quality, concise code. Isn’t that a great learning process? As for optimizing code, there are many, many ways (such as the usual: Code is too repetitive, do you introduce design patterns? Website performance is mediocre, can be optimized? , optimize this piece, also do not say one step to optimize to the best, but at least not worse than before! In terms of optimizations, I’ve sent some resources before. It’s easy to find and there are lots of resources online! Everybody pick look is!

8. Don’t ask and don’t ask immediately

Don’t know, don’t ask, this is known, when you have a problem, never ask colleagues or otherwise consult others. You just sit there and think, and try solutions. The worst that can happen is that you end up not solving the problem and have a colleague ask you about the development. In the best case, the problem is solved, but the time it takes to solve the problem is certainly too long. Don’t understand immediately ask, this is the meaning of the word. Ask questions immediately. I didn’t think much or at all. This will solve the problem, but you may end up asking your colleagues too often, which will make them impatient. If you’re wearing your co-worker’s patience down, you might not respond very well. This will not only affect the relationship between colleagues, but will also make you afraid to ask your colleagues in the future, putting yourself at risk of not knowing or asking the questions mentioned above. Personal advice: consult when appropriate. Encounter do not understand the problem, first of their own combined with the context to think about the past have encountered this problem, can not solve the problem to find a solution online, if you have not solved the problem, this time to ask others, ask colleagues or through other channels to ask others. In this way, I can think and have a deep memory when solving problems, and I won’t disturb my colleagues frequently!

9. Pretend to know what you don’t

This is similar to the last one on the surface, but it’s not the same in reality! Pretending to understand when you don’t know something is to ask someone else, but in fact they don’t fully understand what they are saying. It may be because of face or because they are embarrassed to disturb others for so long, or because they are worried about disturbing others for so long, so they pretend to understand. But this may be fooled for a while, soon will be revealed. This will make you have to ask the same question to others later, which will make them even more embarrassed! You will also interrupt others more! Personal advice: Ask someone if you have a question, as long as the person you ask is not a very impatient person. He will be patient to answer your questions! Therefore, when you ask someone a question, you must make sure that you understand the reason of the question. If your colleague did not explain clearly once, you directly answer that you do not understand. I believe that many people will explain in detail again. If you are worried about your colleagues’ work schedule or other reasons, pick a suitable time! I now ask colleague is, either don’t ask, want to ask cut bottom understand! Of course, my colleagues are very patient, every time I have a question, they will patiently answer it, or even expand on it!

10. Writing code without understanding requirements

When many people receive a requirement, their first reaction is to write code, even before they have figured out the requirements themselves. On the other hand, many people write code and think about requirements at the same time. This way of development, in case you understand the requirements wrong! You may have to change a large part of your own code, or even delete and rewrite it entirely. Without clear requirements to write code this situation, the probability of the occurrence should be quite large, but generally speaking, it is difficult to find this situation, after all, programmers to the code of the increase, delete, change and check is normal! I don’t know, it is in a technology sharing, the boss put forward, his advice is for some slightly more complex requirements, first clear requirements, simple draw a flow chart, and then in the code, write a little comment, and then start to write code! For this, I am in the process of implementing! Unless the requirements are really simple, I will simply draw a flow chart in my draft book. This one, for example, is already one of the simpler ones in my flowchart. According to the flow chart, write the comments, then write the code, this will be more organized, the code is clear, the future rework may also have, but not as much as before! In the development time, efficiency, have been a promotion!

3. Summary

Web front-end market now, I do not know other cities, but Guangzhou is really not very good, the competition is also very big, almost 100 people for a position, the reason is that training institutions and front-end simple entry. In the face of such a situation, what we can do is to learn from time to time and improve our technical level. Only in this way can we ensure that we have great competitiveness and can stand out from so many people. For learning and improving themselves, in addition to should be suitable for their own learning ways, but also to some of the obstacles to progress learning ways to take lessons! The top 10 are some of my own thoughts. Hope it’s useful! The last one is, if there is a good way to learn or a bad way to learn, welcome to give advice. Let everyone exchange opinions and learn from each other!

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