Vultr should be no one does not know, because often send send, can oneself infinite change IP again, support pay treasure again, now basically everybody hands one. I guess it’s because the $25 gift was so aggressive, it was just a disguised increase. Most rooms are out of stock, only New York and Miami rooms are intermittently available. Like domestic users most like the Japanese machine room, Singapore machine room, there are some special needs with the British machine room, can only use the $5 package, but the $5 package is actually quite good, equal to or can use half a year.

As the most loved by the People of The Two will, moving tile action this year, moving tile VPS minimum package is still long-term availability, a period before the launch of THE IP wall 10 weeks free replacement policy; Vultr is still stuck with a $25 giveaway, until today:

Vultr $2.50 package cancels IPV4

Vultr 15 rooms around the world minimum $2.50 package replenishment, all 15 rooms $2.50 package available, 512M memory, 20G hard disk, 500G data flow, vultr all servers are KVM architecture, support custom ISO. But unfortunately, there is only IPV6, not IPV4, if you need IPV4 you need to buy it separately, $2 a month…

That means the previous $2.50 package is out of print, so don’t cancel it.

Fortunately, the $25 plan is still going on. The $5 plan, with 1 GIGAByte of ram, 25 GIGABytes of hard drive and 1 terabyte of monthly data, is still a bargain, whether it’s for Internet access or installing Windows and hanging up. After all, at $10 for 7 months, that’s a good deal at $9 a month.

Vultr $10 to get $25 free at