I believe everyone is very familiar with Vultr. Vultr has 15 computer rooms all over the world, especially Japan and Singapore, which are very popular in Asia. Vultr adopts KVM architecture. Of course, the most popular Chinese users are charged by the hour, you can change IP at any time, suitable for those friends who always turn over the car.

Vultr also has standalone servers, semi-standalone servers, and large hard disk VPS, but most new users in the last two years don’t know that Vultr has large hard disk VPS. Because vultr just launched a big hard disk VPS very early, that call snapped up ah, especially the Japanese machine room big hard disk VPS are a lot of people grab, the results of nearly two years are out of stock. This is not, the most unpopular Dutch machine room of the large hard disk VPS replenishment, VPS pupils on the start of a test.

Vultr’s website is at www.vpsxxs.com/goto/yas2

Vultr Dutch large hard disk VPS

As shown in the picture, first click the floating “+” number in the upper right corner of Vultr background, and then select Storage Instance to get the VPS of large hard disk. You can see the default VPS of Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles and Amsterdam, Netherlands. However, only the Dutch room is available at present, and the other ones are gray and unavailable. There is only $5 / month for this one, if you want others, you can check the speed of this one, and then grab it when it is available in other machine rooms.

First, take a look at the hardware configuration:

Vultr Dutch large hard disk VPS hardware test

The CPU limit is strict. 512 MB of actual memory does not have Swap memory. You are advised to create a 512 MB Swap memory. Focus on the hard disk, it is 125G big hard disk, and all the big hard disk VPS common fault, hard disk IO is poor, but VULtr this big hard disk VPS IO is good, more than 60M reading and writing is generally enough, some businesses big hard disk VPS IO even 30M are difficult. Take a look at domestic download speeds:

Vultr Dutch large hard disk VPS domestic download speed

The speed of telecom is very fierce, the speed of movement is also good, vultr is relatively special before the performance of mobile lines, Unicom is not bad, but because of the reason of the computer room, the ping value is estimated to be very ugly, look at the ping value:

Vultr VPS domestic ping

In fact, the average ping value is only 270ms, such as the Netherlands in the corner of the earth “mountain village”, the ping value is not more than 300 is good, because unlike the United States computer rooms are directly connected, take a look at the routing map:

Vultr Dutch large hard disk VPS telecom routing

Vultr Netherlands large hard disk VPS unicom routing

Vultr Dutch large hard disk VPS mobile routing

Vultr VPS Telecom Unicom routing is very good, especially unicom routing, few nodes and ping value only 235, this is very surprising. Mobile routing is still poor. But no matter which network routing is directly connected, this is very good, many European machine rooms are bypassing the United States appreciation of the world around, can directly connected is very good!

Large hard disk VPS is generally used to build a site to do network disk ah collection station ah or download station and so on more, then install a site panel to see:

Vultr Dutch large hard disk VPS mount pagoda panel

You can see the installation of the remaining 300M memory, used to build a general website enough, the installation of the pagoda panel directly identified 124G hard disk, unlike some businesses of the system disk more than 20G new hard disk needs to be mounted, light mounted hard disk this scares away many users.

The above is VPS primary school vultr Holland large hard disk VPS evaluation, you can see that the hard disk is 125G, hard disk IO is ok, to the Netherlands room three lines are not directly connected around the earth, has been very good. Since vultr is billed by the hour and has snapshots, it is possible to use a Dutch VPS for transfer or remote backup. In the process of testing VPS pupils found that the speed of the station is much better than expected, but the memory is relatively a little small, if used to build savings type of site (network disk, download station) or very good use.