Recently, I was working on a small program, which has an internal vehicle management system and requires users to input license plate information. However, I couldn’t find a VUE component that particularly met my needs on the Internet, so I combed the relevant points and made a software based on it
VueJSCan be in
Small programRunning within the
License plate selector


Prototype figure

Combing related functional points

  • Click Select License Plate to displayLicense plate selection soft keyboard
  • The first license plate for the province abbreviation

    • Only provincial abbreviations can be selected
    • After selecting the provinces,Soft keyboardThe data needs to be switched todigitalwithThe letterThe mixture of
  • The second license plate is a municipal identifier

    • No selection is allowed when using a municipal identifierdigital, you need todigitalButton to disable
  • If the third place is D (pure electric) or F(hybrid), the license plate

    • License plate if it isNew energy, the number of license plates is 8 digits
    • License plate if it isFuel car, the number of license plates is seven