System reinstall later, open the old projects write ASP.NET front page is not for code completion and tips, page’s head tag appears blue wavy lines, prompt ASP.NET runtime error, then is unable to load file or assembly System. Web. WebPages. “Razor”… :

Not only does it affect the use of server controls, but even writing JavaScript does not show DOM hints:

Although there is no code hinting, but the project is able to normal compilation, publishing website is run normally, so for a long time also simply ignored the problem, but when writing code, need to use the Repeater behind this server controls, then how to also can’t remember the name of the control and grammar, so had to first to solve this problem. According to the page header gives warning information, the lack of a name is called the System. Web. WebPages. Razor related dependencies, it reminds me of before deployment site to meet the wrong, and sure enough, MVC 4 assemblies are fitted on the computer solved the problem.

Related Environment: Visual Studio Professional 2015 Update 3