Brief introduction:Imagine, five days down

With the rapid development of 5G, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, the forms of content expression and information interaction between people, people and things, and people and society are rapidly changing. Video integration of the dual evolution of content and interaction brings the era of hypervideo.

In such an era, how will the video cloud bring new imagination to social innovation and business creation?

Together with Intel, Aliyun will hold “Imagine” — 2021 Aliyun Video Cloud Panorama Innovation Summit and Global Video Cloud Innovation Challenge Final Award Ceremony in Beijing on July 10, 2021.

Full dimension, watch the evolution of the era of super video

In the era of hypervideo, video becomes the language of The Times, and video becomes the new cultural movement, realizing the carrying capacity of hypercontent, the experience of hyperinteraction, and the link of hyperspace and time, and finally realizing the all-scene digital twin picture of hyperfuture based on the fusion of virtual and real.

In the era of hypervideo, the audio-video digital intelligence capability created by video cloud is constantly extending new technologies, creating new opportunities and creating new species.

At the summit, we will observe The Times from a panoramic perspective, focus on the evolution of video in new content and new interaction, talk about the innovation and creation of scenes, explore the key technologies driving the evolution of experience, imagine the video cloud integrating 5G, cloud, AI, audio and video, and how to build new technology values and new business directions in the future.


  • Hyper-video images of the era
  • New content evolution and content visualization exploration
  • New interaction evolution and key technology drive
  • Digital intelligence of video cloud value creation and imagination

Depth, insight into new video scenes on the cloud

For the highly competitive and rapidly iterative large video industry, video cloud has gradually developed into a key infrastructure, which not only significantly reduces the entry threshold for video applications, but also continuously promotes the prosperity of the large video industry by promoting the improvement of industrial efficiency.

At present, video cloud penetration in the Internet pan-entertainment and online education scene is the highest. In addition, the e-commerce of the platform, the digital-intelligence transformation of the media industry, and the mobile collaborative office of enterprises are also the key scenarios for the application of video cloud technology. Through in-depth analysis of these scenarios, it is found that the blind spots, pain points, opportunity points and innovation points in the scene link are the high-value presentation of technology changing business.

At the summit, we will deeply explore many new scenes on the cloud, and the imagination space of the emerging field, and put our sight far away, to look at the future of video cloud technology perfection and new experience.


– Joint release of “2021 China Video Cloud Scene Application Insights White Paper”

  • Demand side, supply side and industry chain analysis of large video industry
  • Deep analysis of new scenes on the five big clouds
  • Trend outlook of video cloud industry

In practice, AI drives the Ultra HD “visual” world

In February 2021, CCTV began to pilot the world’s first 8K Ultra HD channel, and the CCTV Spring Festival Gala will be live broadcast in 8K.

Ultra-high definition video is a new round of intergenerational evolution of video technology following analog, standard definition and high-definition. It is an important development direction of today’s new generation of information technology, as well as 5G and artificial intelligence. In 2021, Ultra High Chiang Mai will enter the “8K” era.

Ultra HD video will bring a new audio-visual experience: richer details, more vivid colors, more immersive experience and a wider range of applications. However, at the content production level, Ultra HD production is also facing the difficulties of low inventory of Ultra HD, slow replacement of production equipment and multiplier production cycle.

This summit will start from the production status and difficulties of ultra-high definition industry, deeply analyze how AI technology drives audio-visual upgrading, and share the practice of Damo Academy in the field of ultra-high definition production.


  • AI enhanced key technologies
  • AI enhances typical algorithms
  • UHD production practice of Damo Institute
  • AI driven Ultra HD development prospects

Innovation, open the digital wave of content

With the accelerated pace of society, users’ fragmented consumption time is increasing. Currently, the number of short video users has exceeded 773 million, and the market size of short video has exceeded 200 billion yuan. The short video industry is developing rapidly, but it also suffers from the problem of the flood of low-quality content and the scarcity of high-quality content.

In general, on the content supply side, it is very difficult to make a good video, which is mainly reflected in the difficulty of creative production and tool implementation. Alibaba Entertainment hopes to provide more power for the creation and editing of Media, so it launched the Media AI platform.

This summit will start from the content production difficulties in the field of short video, share the technical capabilities and application practice of MediaAI platform, and bring the technology of Youku intelligent production of short video to decode.


  • Deconstruction of creative elements and construction of digital industrialization capability system
  • Concept-level video deconstruction enables short video production
  • AI enables script mining and creation
  • Content Presentation: How do special effects make a video look better

Breakthrough, technology extension of social imagination

In order to extend the technological energy, the “New Content and New Interaction” global video cloud innovation challenge hosted by Ali Cloud and Intel and cooperated with Youku strategic technology was launched in February 2021.

This competition, organized by Aliyun Video Cloud and Tianchi Platform, is the world’s first industry top competition focusing on video cloud technology. It covers two competitions, “Algorithm Challenge” and “Innovative Application Challenge”, encouraging players to give full play to their imagination and explore new application scenarios of video cloud technology. In the course of the competition, a variety of projects with great social value and application creativity were born continuously.

After four months of intense competition, 12 teams from more than 4,600 teams from 23 countries around the world emerged and successfully entered the final stage of the competition. On the day of the summit, the final ranking of 12 teams from 2 tracks will be announced and the awards will be presented. The next wave of technology is being driven by the video cloud.


  • Competition awards, 440,000 prize money to spend who
  • Application Track: Innovative Next Generation Video Cloud Scenes
  • Algorithm track: more refined faster high-precision video character segmentation
  • YC Invest in China – Innovative Projects Focused by the Innovation Forum

Panoramic innovation and exploration, thus beginning the infinite spread of IMAGINE and common expectation

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