I finally see you again! When it comes to productivity at Urlos, our series of updates in the first half of the year and the launch of our Chondrichfish SaaS system are enough to show that we are serious about productivity at Urlos. What exciting updates are coming from Urlos in the middle of summer July?

1. Limiting the bandwidth of the container by time

Timing limits the bandwidth of the container, essentially defining how much bandwidth the application service can use during which time period.

For example:

Assuming the total bandwidth of the host is 100M, the bandwidth resource of a service is reduced to 10M from 7:00 am to 11:59 PM, and the bandwidth of a service is increased to 90M from 12:00 am to 6:59 am.

Note: this function is a paid function, if necessary, please contact customer service to purchase

What are the benefits of this?

  1. Effectively limit the large traffic users occupying bandwidth resources to ensure that other applications get stable bandwidth resources (such as BT download applications);
  2. When running the blockchain storage application and website in the host simultaneously, you can run the website during the day and participate in the blockchain storage operation in the morning (for example: Swarm/BZZ blockchain storage).

Please note: the above functionality is restricted to the container virtual network card, that is, within the container. If you are a website service and need to restrict traffic, please directly use the “Explosion Restriction” function in the website service:

2. You can fully customize the NGINX virtual host configuration

You want a fully custom NGINX virtual host configuration, arranged!

In the NGINX configuration of the website service, the new NGINX configuration type, the default use of “simple fill in”, in order to facilitate the use of ordinary people without technical basis, if you are a professional, you can use the “advanced customization” way to set NGINX.

Note: When using Advanced Customization, Nginx runs in “Compatibility Mode” only.

3. Restart Docker, restart the host, and close the host

User feedback: Why can’t a host be shut down or restarted in the panel since it’s centrally managed?

Let me explain: the reason why we did not integrate the function of shutdown and restart of the host in the panel is that the priority is given to the security of the host data. Improper restart or shutdown may cause data damage.

Although we have enabled shutdown and rebooting in the new version, we still recommend that you go into maintenance mode before shutting down or rebooting your host.

Preview: Chondrichfish International Edition will be released soon

The international version of the Chondryfish SaaS system is under intensive research and development, and will be released soon. At that time, it will not only make it more convenient for foreign friends to use the Chondryfish SaaS system, but also make it more convenient for domestic software developers to carry out multinational software business!

Rob fresh know:

  1. The background interface of Chondrichfish system and the front desk of SaaS software mall will be customized in English language.
  2. PayPal will open the international payment interface;