A simple introduction

Using the Android native SDK development of an Android UniApp plug-in, this plug-in only supports Android, IOS does not support.

Listen to the notification bar content to get notification messages Android native SDK extensions

Permissions are configured in the plug-in, and you can either run cloud packaging or a custom packaging base. The specific packing method will not be elaborated here. Plug-in uniapp official market address: https://ext.dcloud.net.cn/plu…

It supports getting notification bars for a specified APK and listening on all notification bars.

Secret: Interception is supported, but is not implemented in this plugin to prevent plugin abuse. Please contact the author if you need the interception function. The contact information should be shown in the plugin address.

Please visit the address of the plug-in to see the specific content, the message content of the plug-in address I will reply one by one.