Introduction: Recently, Umeng +, a leading global data intelligence service provider in China, released the “Umeng +U-APM Mobile Application Performance Experience Report”. It is reported that Umeng + officially upgraded the original U-App error analysis module of mobile analysis to U-APM application performance monitoring platform last year. After nearly a year of observation, this report is released through analyzing the performance of mobile applications from the perspective of DEM, aiming to help developers clearly understand the industry trends and accurately position their products.

Application performance management is getting more and more attention, and SDK coverage is over 40% overall

In the era of Internet storage, the improvement of individual user experience has become more and more important, and application performance management (APM) has attracted more attention from developers. As of February 2021, 42.2 percent of apps on the App Store are integrated with a third-party SDK, and this trend continues to grow. Unlike other developer tools, the application performance management SDK is highly exclusive, with 92% of applications choosing only one application performance management product.

In terms of different scales, the larger the application is, the more attention is paid to the monitoring of stable performance and the higher the coverage of SDK is. Notably, the middle and long tail apps are also increasingly focused on improving the user experience, with 37% of the sampled long tail apps still integrating the application performance management SDK.

The film and television watching industry pays the most attention to stability and performance experience, and SDK coverage is as high as 50%

From the perspective of different industries, the coverage rate of SDK in other industries exceeds 40% except mobile phone beautification/mother-child/photography/tool applications. In particular, the application of film and television industry requires a high degree of fluency, and the coverage rate of SDK is as high as 50%.

Application performance management SDK coverage increases with application size

High maturity of head application: With the gradual expansion of application scale, developers have more resources and time to refine the user experience, so they pay more attention to the monitoring and management of stable performance, and the SDK coverage is higher.

Long-tail applications gradually pay attention to: In the era of Internet stock, long-tail applications also pay more attention to the improvement of user experience. 37% of the sampled long-tail applications integrate the application performance management SDK.

For different applications, choosing a suitable APM product requires consideration of cost balance, product status, user usage and many other factors. Due to exclusivity, choosing an APM means that it is unique, which requires developers to consider SDK integration difficulty, monitoring effectiveness, technical stability, SDK compliance, technical support, and developer cooperation at the very beginning.

In today’s industry, such as Umeng +U-APM, developers can achieve SDK integration in 2 lines of code, so as to obtain real-time monitoring, intelligent warning, user scrutiny, cloud real machine testing and many other capabilities.

The product comes from alibaba internal core team strong error capture technology and their Allies + strong data processing ability, protect U – APM to provide stable and reliable performance monitoring and testing services, at the same time it can support the second level of real-time response project service to help developers to solve problems, and in such aspects as the SDK privacy compliance issues can provide the help screen, Support technology access, later will also provide technical experts consulting solutions, so as to eliminate the worries of developers.

Umeng +’s U-APM application performance monitoring platform, based on powerful capture and collection capability, can quickly locate the root cause of errors, provide user-dimensional crash statistics, quickly restore the crash scene, and set up a variety of warning channels to help developers monitor application conditions 7*24.

The report also provides a detailed analysis of the current situation of mobile app crashes and the collapse of mobile brands. The full version of the report can be downloaded from the official website of Umeng +.

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