At present, the minimalist trend in the design field is becoming more and more obvious, and users are also more interested in minimalist UI design. However, many new people do not know how to make a minimalist UI design, the next thousand feng will give you a simple analysis of the problem.

1. Make good use of negative space

If you’re familiar with design, you know that negative space is a great way to draw attention to your core elements in minimalist design, and using it wisely can make your design look more elegant. If your design is monochrome, or a two-color color scheme, negative space plays an irreplaceable role in creating contrast and clarity.

Second, the grid system

When designing a minimalist web page, using a grid system to organize content and layout can be very useful, especially if your web page contains a lot of homogenized content. In addition, grid systems can help you with responsive design and make the user experience more pleasant.

Third, skillfully use contrast

Contrast technique is commonly used by designers in the process of design work. According to the concept of minimalist design, good contrast plays a particularly significant role in the overall visual design, and contrast mainly involves the contrast of colors, shapes and positions, which are key contrast elements.

Fourth, highlight the theme and visual elements

In a minimalist UI, designers don’t use too many images. Instead, they choose a single image that is expressive and visually outstanding, drawing the user’s attention to them in an attractive manner. This design allows the user to directly notice the right image without having to sift through a large amount of information, and the message and emotion conveyed by a single image will not be disturbed.

In fact, minimalist design is not low for the ability of designers, to make a better design, designers need to skillfully use the grid system, or negative space, can also use the design concept of contrast, to better highlight the theme of the design and unique visual elements.