UCloud officially launched the 2021 618 global promotion, this year’s promotion coverage and promotion efforts are fully upgraded. China, Asia Pacific, America, Europe, UCloud in the world’s 31 cloud computing centers fully participate in the promotion, at the same time, the promotion of models to join the flagship Kuaijie cloud host.

Kuaijie cloud host is a new generation of host with excellent performance and high cost performance launched by UCloud. The network can reach up to 10 million PPS and the storage can reach up to 1.2 million IOPS. The newly released new generation Kuaidjie S-type has achieved a new high score in three Internet basic applications: NGINX, REDIS and Mysql. With the help of the new chip, the overall computing performance has improved by 16%.

During the 618 period, the model configuration of China and overseas available areas participating in the promotion is set according to the local mainstream demand. In China and overseas regions, there are 6 types of cloud servers with Kuaijie configuration to participate in the promotion, from 1 core 1G coverage to 8 core 16G coverage, all of which can be equipped with AMD and Intel CPUs, with an average discount of 1-30%.

In addition to greater coverage and better value for money, here are some of the highlights of this year’s UCloud 618 promotions.

 Special discount for first purchase for new users

This year, participating in UCloud 618 promotion in China and overseas available areas, simultaneously launched a new user purchase cloud server can enjoy a “one-month” special experience, so that new friends of UCloud can use a lower price rate to experience high-performance cloud computing services.

In addition, in this promotion, UCloud also set special areas for new users, including “1 year and 3 year special offers for a single host” and other concessions, so that new users through more cost-effective experience packages, UCloud products and services have a further experience and understanding.

 old users can enjoy a 3-year discount

For old users, UCloud also promoted during the 618 special measures to let go. For example, on the basis of the original “single 3-year” package, “multiple 3-year” discount package is added. Compared with the average price in the market, the profit margin is up to 20%-25%, so that our old friends of UCloud can enjoy a more cost-effective service experience on the basis of long-term purchase.

 Los Angeles online fast Jie cloud host

Driven by domestic cross-border e-commerce, games and other businesses, cloud cover in available areas in the United States has been rising in the past two years. In order to meet the business development needs of overseas and local users, UCloud launched Kuaijie Cloud Host in the available area of Los Angeles in April this year, and the number of users has increased rapidly in the past two months. In order to reward users, UCloud Los Angeles available area to actively participate in the 618 promotion, for Kuaijie cloud host has developed a very competitive price, so that users can buy a lower discount to “Kuaijie cloud host” to bring high-performance services.

This year, UCloud is ready to take off. From the depth of launching heavyweight products to participating in the promotion, to the breadth of covering the major available areas around the world, users can see the sincerity of UCloud rewarding new and old users in 2021. The 618 promotion will run until September 30, 2021.

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