A thousand calls to begin to come out, electronic verification version of the record system online!

UCloud electronic verification version of the record system has been online, the new system portrait collection through mobile phone WeChat scanning code to achieve, replacing the previous portrait collection using the screen. The record review time on the UCloud platform has been shortened to 1 working day. UCloud filing entry: https://console.ucloud.cn/icp/, operating under the orders of the console.

General Filing Flow Chart

Filing interface schematic

1. Main body information filling page

2. Display the page after the website information is filled in

3. Portrait collection page (this page replaces the curtain link)

4. Mobile phone WeChat scanning code, portrait collection

5. Cellphone code scanning successfully, PC page

6. Submit your order

Is it very easy? ! Simple operation, the record is done!

Any questions, welcome to consult or message ~~