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LivevideoStack found that WeChat browser support for WebRTC became better after the latest iOS update. Not only in the iOS terminal WeChat built-in browser, but also can use WebRTC in the small program WebView. But the premise of support requires iOS 14.3 version or above, and WeChat version 6.5 or above, need to meet these two requirements before using WebRTC. At this point, the cross-platform interoperability of WEBRTC is a step closer.

In addition, some support for WebRTC:

First of all, although Safari 11 does support WebRTC, the WebView it provides has never been fully supported. But starting with iOS 14.3, Apple has added WebRTC support for WKWebView. This allows you to use WebRTC with an embedded WebView. Therefore, the WeChat browser uses WKWebView on iOS and supports WebRTC as well.

In addition, WeChat applet can also support WebRTC now, but the future use of WeChat will depend on the attitude. Related: How ‘mini programs + live streaming’ are disrupting the ecosystem of audio and video technology

The support of WebRTC in desktop browsers has been very good, but the support of mobile browsers has been widely criticized. WeChat browser, as a large ecological platform in China, the support of WeChat for WebRTC will indicate that the ecology of mobile terminal WebRTC will become better and better.

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