Bilibili picture upload, Typora plug-in, to achieve picture paste can be uploaded to Bilibili, and replace the link

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  1. To obtainnodejsThe path under MAC is usedwhich node
$which node/Users/XXX/NVM/versions/node/v14.16.0 / bin/node
  1. replaceupload.shIn thenodeThe path
  2. To obtainindex.jsOf the absolute path, replaced byupload.shIn theindexjsPathThe path
  3. Get sessData and replace the Cookie on line 16 in index.js

    Login to Bilibili →F12 Open Console →Application→Cookies→ SessData

  4. npm ioryarnorpnpm i
  5. Configure Typora, open Typora Settings, select Image Tab, and fill in
# behind is the path of the shell script/bin/bash/Users/XXX/Documents/webstormProjects/typora - plugin - bilibili/upload. Sh

Custom chart bed

If you want to upload to another map bed or interface, you can directly modify the logic in index.js. The code is quite simple




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