This article was written on July 1 to commemorate my two full years of work experience.

On July 1, 2019, I officially started to work as a programmer, which is exactly two years ago. From the beginning of the trial period to get 3000, to the present hand is less than 6000, two years is also a lot of 👴.

Am I too low?

As far as I know, all the students in the same city who graduated from the same class at the same time received the same salary. Only one girl may earn about 9000 now, because she has been on business in Beijing all the year round, and receives 80 RMB per day subsidy, but she works till late at night every day, and does not have a holiday on National Day. And there’s a girl who’s been working overtime for months, and it just went up to $6,500.

Take my current department to say, with 19 years of graduation, and I with the wage level of three.

I graduated from a 2 sink in the province college, this is the definition of the other students to school, but compared with other ordinary in the province a college graduate, I feel is good, but the company does not think so, either on small companies, or the medium-sized company, from leadership in daily chat can feel their discrimination of college and university students, In the process of their belittle did not pay attention to, you belittle the people in front of that!

The other most visible difference is in wages. At the end of last year, I saw a colleague change a new mobile phone, the latest model of a certain brand, and casually asked, are you the best match? And he said, yeah, it took the better part of a month’s salary.

Autistic on the spot. His salary for more than half a month is my salary for more than a month.

Is he great?

I think not. He graduated from 985 college last year, and 985 is worth the money.

I thought, it’s fair, I deserve it for the effort I put into getting into a prestigious university. But is a person’s ability only measured by his reputation? Or did I shut down again when he asked the kind of question you know the answer to without thinking.

Ok, the teasing is over, and I should talk about my real life in development.

In July 2019, I started my first small business with a total of about 40 employees. Follow a big sister to do products, is also the company’s main products, the company atmosphere is still good, not so much hook around. Later, other projects were short of staff to help, and then began to develop the implementation of operation and maintenance work in a business trip.

This project is in one word, gross. The industry solution itself is not mature, hardware manufacturers, other software on the receiver have a lot of problems, we do not have a particularly good way, so the thing can only be said to be able to use but not good, the late maintenance workload is huge.

During that time, I stayed up all night five times, and stayed up for 40 hours straight. Plus, I spent most of the night debugging equipment on the spot. That was countless nights. The hardest thing I can remember is writing code and testing equipment in a two-square-meter shed at the beginning of 2020. There were no Windows and it was snowing outside. I kept working until 6 in the morning. Leadership to me is good, after the report to the leadership, replied that the body is important, must find a place to rest 👴.

But if not, the leader will scold, the project side will scold, the owner will also scold. Now I think about how stupid I was, and I laugh at myself.

After the basic is to take over, encounter big problems to find the big guy consultation. I was also familiar with the problems of various equipment and software, so I stayed up all night less. I had to stay up all night the day before the project was put on line, but it became common to stay up until midnight. For a business trip in the middle of the year, I had to stay up until midnight for nearly a month for more than two months.

This is on the way to buy instant noodles at a village store a few kilometers away at lunch time

This is 4:30 in the morning after testing the equipment and looking for the toilet

This was taken a little after 11 a.m. during a field test

At the end of August, when the project ended, I offered to leave, not because of bitterness. For two reasons, I seldom write code, and I travel for two months, so I may write code for less than five days. The salary is small. On August 15, the first month after I received a salary increase, my salary increased from 4000 to 5000. After taking into account the daily expenses of renting and eating, there is still about 3000 left.

The company said that I could not leave the company until one month later, and then I was asked to do another project this month. There were three other people who went with me. They said that I was taking over the work, but actually I was doing it. Fortunately, this month can also have a heart-to-heart talk with one of my colleagues about the future.

At the end of September, I officially left my job, and then in November, I heard that the project I was in charge of and had been on a business trip for more than two months had lost money. A few days later, the colleagues who came in together got a raise…

And yet here I am helping them solve their problems.

In October, I entered a certain school and enterprise, which is the current company. The offer is still not high, because I graduated from two colleges. But fortunately, more packages to eat and live, can save some money.

I entered a new company, got in touch with new industries, and learned a lot of new technologies. The 1246 overtime work that I had promised was cancelled due to various bad weather and bad mood, and then it was completely cancelled.

With a stronger leader and the company, against party A, also become emboldened. When threatened by Party A, they can also be called back to the company by the leader immediately and leave the site. Of course I’m friendly with party A.

Although there will be business trips, but basically no overtime, can stay in the home business travel this relatively upscale hotel, the provincial subsidy is 70 per day. I still remember last year when I was on a business trip, I envied others living in Vienna while I could only find a shabby hotel.

The relaxed working environment gives me more time to read, study and play. Finally, I can see that the money in Yu ‘ebao is gradually increasing, and I can spend part of it for financial management. After the stock market reached 3731 points at the end of 20 years, I have been regretting why I did not sell at the peak in 21 years.

Of course, the company still has shortcomings, after all, people want to progress.

If see you of this article have not yet attended a job, promise me, do not resemble me at the outset so silly please, the company is not welfare orgnaizical, it is a purpose in order to make money.

Today is a special day, bless the motherland! Bless yourself! Come on!