Under the background of digitalization and intelligent transformation, data, as the core means of production of enterprises, is expected to play a greater value. From Hadoop, Spark to Flink, from Iceberg, Clickhouse to Kubeflow, big data technologies that fight against “4V” are constantly updated, while the industry progress driven by them brings new challenges. How to build a technology system to adapt to the future business development has become a topic that every big data team is exploring. On June 19th, netease Digital Sail and Intel jointly hosted “Upgrade! “Sailor Technology Salon, the cornerstone of big data in the intelligent era,” will be opened in Hangzhou netease Park, gathering big data technical experts and practitioners, aiming to share and explore the practical experience and latest applications of big data cutting-edge technologies and hot open source projects.

The speech lineup of this event was quite magnificent. There were 5 big data technology experts from 4 first-line teams, including netease Zoufan, Intel, Youzan, and netease Cloud Music. Some of the guests had another role — including 2 committers of Spark, Submarine, Commons, ORC, Hive, etc. And a Contributor for ClickHouse, Druid, Presto, Flink, etc., to share topics covering Full-Link Data Systems, OLAP, Platform Acceleration, Data Warehouse, etc. The technical route involves projects such as Spark, ClickHouse, and netease’s open-source Kyuubi.

According to netease, as the digital transformation progresses, there is an urgent need for industries to activate the potential of data, drive changes in production methods, and support business decisions and business model innovation. The producer of this event, Chief Architect of netease Digital Sail – Shugu Business Unit, Jiang Hongxiang said: Digital age, big data should be throughout all aspects of business decisions, modern data platform, must be based on the release of the data value, in addition to the stable, scalable, high performance, such as elements, based on open source and open technical route is indispensable, this is the enterprise shall not be restricted by the underlying technology and low cost is the key to implement the data value.

Topics & Guests

Brief introduction of the event topics and guests is as follows:

Yao Qin | the Kyuubi: open source enterprise Serverless Spark framework netease sail large data expert, Spark 4-8 in netease sail – several business units, focus on the source field of big data. Author of netease open-source Kyuubi data lake exploration platform. Apache Spark Committer

Clayman | ClickHouse in has great use and optimization have great infrastructure, head of the group of OLAP More than ten years work experience, Java/C/C + + programmer, to focus on network programming, big data infrastructure components, etc. Contributor for ClickHouse, Druid, Presto, Flink, etc. At present, I am responsible for OLAP platform and component optimization and other related work in Youzan.

Xu Cheng | the use of Intel Optane PMEM technology to accelerate the big data analysis of Intel, senior software development project manager Now at the Intel Shanghai development co., LTD., is now mainly focus on large data based on the Intel platform technology in the field of optimization. He was a Committer of Apache Commons/ORC/Hive, a Contributor to Spark, and one of the authors of Persistent Memory Architecture and Engineering Practices.

LeiJianBo | “the road to netease cloud music for warehouse construction, netease cloud music data specialist Long engaged in development, the number of large data warehouse system, focusing on the model design, data standard, data applications, data management, etc. At present, I am mainly responsible for the database architecture of the main App of netease cloud music and the upgrade of the data buried point system.

Gu Ping | “the practice of netease data product” netease sail large data product experts 7 years experience, big data from 2017 to 2020, worked in netease strict selection, product owner as data, constructed from 0 to 1 netease strictly selected products system and data system of China. At present, I am working in netease Digital Fan as the product leader of netease Digital ·BI.

Activities of surprise

Surprise 1: forward this picture to your circle of friends with relevant content of the event and get 15 + friends’ points to sponsor you, you can enjoy the netease multi-sail customized limited planet! (Get it directly at the event on June 19th!)

Surprise 2: ask questions in the Q&A session, actively raise your hands to ask questions, not only can you directly communicate with the technology masters, but also can get a technical book provided by Huazhang Publishing House! Quantity is limited on a first-come-first-served basis.

The prize catalogue is as follows:

  1. “Clickhouse Principle Analysis and Practical Application”
  2. Construction of Enterprise-level Big Data Platform
  3. Enterprise Data Lake
  4. Large-scale Data Analysis and Modeling: Based on Spark and R
  5. Understanding Spark: Core Ideas and Source Code Analysis
  6. Introduction to Big Data
  7. Data Analysis with Python
  8. Flink Principles, Practicals and Performance Optimization
  9. Data Mining and Data Operation Practices: Ideas, Methods, Skills and Applications
  10. Data Center Integration Best Practices

If you want to discuss the meaning of big data with the sharing guests, please click the following link or identify the poster QR code to register:

Netease number sail technique salon | intelligence in the era of big data