On February 24, 2018, TiDB released Beta version 1.1. This version has many improvements to MySQL compatibility and system stability over the 1.1 Alpha release.


  • Add more monitoring items and optimize the log

  • Compatible with more MySQL syntax.

  • Support for displaying table build times in information_schema

  • Speed up queries that contain MaxOneRow operators

  • Control the size of the intermediate result set generated by Join to further reduce the memory usage of Join

  • Add the tidb_config session variable to output the current TiDB configuration

  • Fix panic in Union and Index Join operators

  • Fixed Sort Merge Join operator result error in some scenarios

  • Fixed Show Index statement showing indexes in the process of adding

  • Fix Drop Stats statement failure

  • Improved SQL engine query performance, improved Sysbench Select/OLTP test results by 10%

  • Use the new execution engine to speed up subquery calculations in the optimizer. Compared with version 1.0, tPC-H and TPC-DS tests are significantly improved


  • Added a drop Region debugging interface

  • The PD Leader priority can be set

  • Nodes that support configuring specific labels do not schedule raft leaders

  • Added interfaces to enumerate PD health status

  • Add more metrics

  • The PD leader tries to keep in sync with the ETCD leader

  • Improved data recovery priority and recovery speed during TiKV downtime

  • The validity of the data-dir configuration item is verified

  • Optimize the region heartbeat performance

  • Fixed a problem where hotspot scheduling broke label constraints

  • Other stability issues fixed


  • Offset + limit is used to traverse the lock to eliminate potential GC problems

  • Resolve Lock in batches to improve GC speed

  • Support parallel GC to improve GC speed

  • Update Region Size using a RocksDB compaction Listener to schedule PD more accurately

  • Use DeleteFilesInRanges to delete expired data in batches to improve the start speed of TiKV

  • Set Raft Snapshot Max size to prevent legacy files from taking up too much space

  • Tikv-ctl supports more repair operations

  • Optimize ordered stream aggregation operations

  • Improve metrics and fix bugs

Source code address: github.com/pingcap/tid…

** Now TiDB 1.1 Beta has been released thanks to the efforts of the community and the PingCAP technology team. **

As a world-class open source distributed relational database, TiDB is inspired by Google Spanner/F1 and has core features such as “distributed strong consistent transactions, online elastic horizontal scaling, high availability for fault recovery, and multi-activity across data centers”. TiDB was launched on GitHub in May 2015, followed by Alpha in December 2015, Beta in June 2016, RC1 in December, RC2 in March 2017, and RC3 in June. RC4 was released in August and TiDB 1.0 was released in October.