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Looking back on the past 3 years, the growth and change again and again made me feel that I should write something to recall the “past”, so now on the occasion of the 9th anniversary of Sifre, I would like to recall the three years in Sifre.

Since when?

When I walked out of school, after I left school, I was like, “What should I do?” “What industry should I go into?” “, confused for a period of time, remembered once a friend of the word “only, you don’t do programmers are a pity”.

At that time, I had no idea about the career of programmer, but after half a month’s rest, I decided to give it a shot and started to send out resumes. After a week of receiving no reply, I began to panic. Fortunately, in the following days, I received several outsourcing interview opportunities one after another.

After the first interview, totally unprepared, the interviewer asked some questions, I found that there was a large part of what I don’t know, even some in my now seems simple nouns, such as: “left connection”, at that time I could not answer, is very embarrassing, so hastily over the first interview.

The second interview, after learning the lesson of the last time, began to make some preparation, this time may be an opportunity, after some simple communication, the company gave me a job opportunity, so far began “my programmer life”.

After I joined the company, I had only used ThinkPHP 3 before, and I began to learn the Laravel framework used by the company. In the process of work, I always met some problems, so I began to interview Baidu for programming, and then I found the website “Sifen”. Since then, I find that I see the site in search results all the time, and the quality of the content is good, and the layout is decent.


Because for early me, the acquisition of knowledge is not so smooth, early years, I also in the “baidu know” above mentioned some programming problems, although have been effective reply, but now looking back, “baidu know” is how unbearable.

When I found that I could get the answers I wanted from the search results again and again, I felt that this website was not simple. Since others could help me, could I also try my best to help others?

More than one record

At this point, I registered my account, and soon after, I wrote my first answer. Although my answer may not help others, I found more people put forward their ideas, which made me feel more and more interesting about this community.

After that, the Q&A section attracted me a lot, and soon after that, I wrote a number of answers, and after a lot of hard work, I got the first “like”

Further down the line, how do I debug trace variables while I’m running in PHP? “Got me the first adoption.

Got a high praise for playing smart, lol

In the future, I was still immersed in the Q&A area. When I was using ThinkPHP in the company’s business, I found a problem, because some methods of Laravel were not found in ThinkPHP before, and then I began to study part of the source code of Laravel. Then I discovered some of the finer points of Laravel’s design, which, in light of the business at the time, led me to write my first article at Sylvor, array_find in PHP multidimensional arrays. In the next few days, I gradually received more than ten likes, which gradually made me obsessed, haha.

Since then, I’ve shut down my independent blog and started redirecting the domain home page to my Sci-Fi home page. Because once the security consciousness is not strong, the server has been repeatedly malicious invasion experience, coupled with the personal maintenance energy is limited, and the environment here is still so good, chose to turn off.

Change direction

Again in the future of the time, according to some experiences in the work, I don’t write some eggs with article 😂, since then I started to pay attention to quality, including answering questions is “began to pay attention to quality” has become a key, start looking for reliable data as support or article to answer the question of support references, to avoid some mistakes.

From then on, I think of the sentence “the meaning of knowledge is to pass”.

After that, I also wrote a “hot style” article: How to use PHP Storm for elegant project development. .

At the end of 2019, I accidentally saw my name on Top Writer 2019, which may have been the most unexpected harvest for me in the community.

It was also my most productive year.

In time in the past, when I have more active in the q&a section, to answer, I’m good at field solved one after another interesting question, the rise of knowledge, in the midst of this, sometimes not only solves the problems of others, also benefited from some problems to some others solution, feel the fun of knowledge sharing.

The end of the

In the middle of 2021, I look back on the way I entered Sifor and compare myself with myself now. Maybe I have grown a lot over the years. Learned a lot; I saw a lot.

Everyone is eager to acquire knowledge, when we acquire knowledge, and then share knowledge out, so that more people get knowledge, complete the transmission of knowledge, this is the meaning of knowledge, just so, it deeply attracts more people.

Here, I wish Sifeng better and better, to absorb beginners, knowledge disseminators together to “put forward problems, solve problems”.

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