February 2021, “New Content, New Interaction” Global Video Cloud Innovation Challenge kicked off. This competition is jointly hosted by Intel and Aliyun, in cooperation with Youku strategic technology, tianchi Platform and Aliyun video cloud team jointly undertook. Since the opening of the competition, more than 4600 contestants from all over the world have signed up for the competition. We selected outstanding cases and moving stories of the contestants to enter the world of video cloud entrepreneurs and innovators together.

On May 11th, the National Bureau of Statistics released the seventh general population data — the proportion of the population aged 60 and above in China reached 18.70%, among which the proportion of the population aged 65 and above reached 13.50%. How to provide for the elderly has become a hot topic in society.

From Qingdao university seniors Wei Zijun will be focused on the elderly pension that occupy the home, the development of the solitary old man health supervision system, the system can keep track of the elderly at home state of life, to better protect the safety of living, children can through the remote control system focus on the parents’ home.

Video cloud + AI, technology makes elderly living alone safer

With the enhancement of population mobility and the increase of the elderly population, empty-nester families and the elderly living alone have become a difficult problem for many families, and the news of accidents of the elderly living alone is often reported in the news. Young people work and life pressure, let they neglect to a parent’s care and communication, away form the Wei Zijun social news each time I see old people who live alone, have started with can not help but worry about the old man, and then the developing an initiation by using video and AI technology to help old people who live alone to improve safety and health monitoring of the products.

Wei Zijun when research found that many of the products on the market now, and are mostly limited to the monitoring function of cameras, but the young man 996 working mode, big city make it hard to keep 24 hours in front of the camera, the camera outside of time, how can parents living alone in the “potential danger”? This seems to be a pain point for the industry.

Seeing the recruitment of the video Cloud Global Innovation Challenge, Wei Zijun thought it was an opportunity to put his ideas into practice. Aiming at video + AI technology, he developed a health status monitoring system for the elderly who live alone. This system can analyze the information of key points of the body and judge the posture of the human body by using the body posture picture obtained from the camera and the processing model of Intel OpenVINO Toolkit. Clearly and accurately distinguish the “standing” or “lying flat” state of the object in the video, and count the duration of lying posture. If the duration of lying posture exceeds the set threshold, a warning will be given.

In this system, the following key technical nodes are mainly included:

  • Using surveillance cameras to obtain video information;
  • Extract the key points information, according to the key parts of the human body information, design algorithm to judge the posture;
  • Provide algorithm judgment results, and for a long time lying posture warning.

If the lying position does not reach the alarm threshold, the system displays lie.

When the lying position reaches the alarm threshold, danger is displayed.

In addition, the system will also count the length of the elderly’s usual exercise and rest, according to the statistical results, to provide reasonable rest and physical exercise suggestions, so that the elderly people nip in the bud, always maintain a healthy life.

The hacker dream in his youth kept him running

Born in 1999, Wei Zijun is a senior majoring in computer Science and technology at Qingdao University. When asked why he chose to major in computer science, Wei talked about his “hacker dream”, which began to take root in his heart after he was keen on science fiction movies and the computer geeks in the movies became his idols.

With the proliferation of computer viruses, hackers seem to have become synonymous with “crime” in the public mind, but in Wei zijun’s mind, “hacker” has a different meaning. In his view, real “hackers” should use technology to change the world and do things that are both “cool” and “loving.” They are free, eager to explore and share, and are guardians of Internet security. Therefore, under the advice of his tutor, Wei Zijun chose the direction of network security and continued to move forward toward his dream of hacking.

In the university, Wei Zijun not only has solid theoretical knowledge, but also has very strong practical programming ability. He once won an award in the university’s target detection algorithm competition. In the interview, Wei Zijun shared his learning methods. In addition to learning programming courses at school, he would learn programming online in his spare time, such as Bilibili video programming course and technical blog. He believed that learning programming through video would be more intuitive and easy to understand than books, which was an efficient way of learning programming.

Wei Zijun likes a quote from Paul Graham, the author of Hacker and Painter: “What hackers and painters have in common is that they are both creators. Like composers, architects and writers, hackers and painters are trying to produce good work. They are not doing research per se, although in the process of creation they may discover some new techniques.” It is this creativity and technological exploration spirit that led to the creation of health monitoring for the elderly living alone, he said.

As for the future, Wei zijun said that he will always strive to be a curious, continuous love, persistent runner, and change the world with technology.

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