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What’s new in Android 8.1?

  • Android Go Memory Optimizations and Orientations – Android 8.1 includes a number of memory optimizations for Android Go configurations with 1GB of memory or less. We’ve added new hardware feature constants so that you can split the distribution of your app and APK for normal or small memory devices running Android 8.1 and later.
  • Neural Networks API – As part of our efforts to bring machine intelligence to Android, we added a Neural Networks API through the NDK. It can implement hardware-accelerated inference on supported devices. Neural Networks API is designed as the base layer of various machine learning frameworks including TensorFlow Lite and Caffe2. TensorFlow Lite is Google’s upcoming cross-platform machine learning framework for mobile devices. Stay tuned for the TensorFlow Lite bulletin.
  • Auto-fill Enhancement – To make it easier to use the auto-fill framework, we have simplified the password manager and other auto-fill services. For example, we support more interface customization for the Save dialog box, and have added setAutofillOptions(), which allows users to set credit card expiration dates using the trimer box.
  • SharedMemory API – this API allows applications to allocate SharedMemory to speed up access to frequently used data. Applications can use the SharedMemory API to map anonymous SharedMemory and manage protected controls. This API is packaged and AIDL-friendly, providing useful functionality such as removing write permissions.

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